Importance of Job Satisfaction in Organization

Importance of Job SatisfactionThe importance of job satisfaction for any organization is huge as it is linked to many variables, including productivity, absenteeism, turnover.

Job satisfaction has been linked to many variables, including productivity, absenteeism, turnover, etc.

It is significant because a person’s attitude and beliefs may affect his or her behavior.

Attitudes and beliefs may cause a person to work harder, or, the opposite may occur, and he or she may work less.

Job satisfaction studies often focus on the various parts that are believed to be important, since these jobs related attitudes predispose an employee to behave in certain ways.

It also affects a person’s general well being.

Consequently, if a person is dissatisfied with their work, this could lead to dissatisfaction in other areas of their life. Keeping workers happy helps to strengthen a company in many ways.

Importance of job satisfaction are;

  • Lower Turnover.
  • Higher Productivity.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction.
  • Employee Absenteeism.
  • Helps to Earn Higher Revenues.
  • Satisfied Employees Tend to Handle Pressure.

Lower Turnover

Turnover can be one of the highest costs attributed to the KR department. Retaining workers help to create a better environment, and makes it easier to recruit quality talent and save money.

A person is more likely to be actively searching for another job if they have low satisfaction; whereas, a person who is satisfied with their job is less likely to be job seeking.

Medina (2012) found that job satisfaction was strongly inversely correlated with turnover intention and this relationship was mediated by satisfaction in workplace culture.

The study provides evidence that should be further explored to aid in the understanding of employee turnover and job satisfaction; particularly how job satisfaction and employee turnover relate to workplace culture.

Higher Productivity

Irrespective of job title and pay grade, employees who report high job satisfaction tend to achieve higher productivity. When someone is happy with their job, they focus well and they pay attention to their tasks.

They seem themselves responsible and accountable for achieving the organizational goal that does make them happy.

When one member of a team displays high productivity, it is natural for other members of the team to try to increase productivity at the desired level.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Keeping employees safe and satisfied can lead to higher sales, lower costs and a stronger bottom line.

Profit can be earned by selling, the products or giving services to the customers.

If the employees are satisfied with their job then they can give better customer service and we know that customer retention and loyalty are dependent based on the given service of the employees.

If customers’ loyalty is increased, automatically it will lead to an increase in profit.

Loyalty: When employees feel the company has their best interests at heart, they often support its mission and work hard to achieve its objectives

In this situation, job satisfaction and the level of loyalty of that employee will be increased. And, they may be more likely to tell their friends, which helps to spread goodwill.

Employee Absenteeism

It is likely that a satisfied worker may miss work due to illness or personal matters, while an unsatisfied worker is more likely to take “mental health” days, i.e. days off not due to illness or personal reasons.

When people are .satisfied with their job they may be more likely to attend work even if they have a cold; however, if they are not satisfied with their job, they will be more likely to call in sick even when they are well enough, to work.

Helps to Earn Higher Revenues

No amount of training or motivation-would help, unless and until individuals develop a feeling of attachment and loyalty towards their organization. Employees waste half of their time fighting with their counterparts or sorting out issues with them.

Satisfied employees are the happy employees Who willingly help their fellow workers and cooperate with the organization even during emergencies. For them, their organization comes first, everything else later.

They do not come to the office just for money but because they feel for the organization and believe in its goals and objectives.

Instead of wasting their time in gossiping and waiting around they believe in doing productive work eventually benefitting the organization.

They take pride in representing their respective organizations and work hard to ensure higher revenues for the organization.

Satisfied Employees Tend to Handle Pressure

Employees who are happy with their jobs are willing to participate in training programs and are eager to learn new technologies, software which would eventually help them in their professional careers.

Satisfied employees accept challenges with a big smile and deliver even in the worst of circumstances. Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for employees to remain happy and also deliver their level best.

Satisfied employees are the ones who are extremely loyal towards their organization and stick to it even in the worst scenario.

They do not work out of any compulsion but because they dream of taking their organization to a new level.

Employees need to be passionate about their work and passion comes only when employees are satisfied with their job and organization on the whole.

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