Recruitment Process: 4 Steps of Recruiting Best Talents

Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. It is the discovering of potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies.

Recruitment is searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization. Recruitment is a step-by-step process of locating, identifying, and attracting qualified people to apply for the vacant post in an organization.

There are 4 steps in the recruitment process for locating a potential candidate for selection;

  1. Identifying the HR Requirement.
  2. Identifying possible sources of HR Supply.
  3. Communicating the Information.
  4. Receiving Application.

Steps of Recruitment Process

1. Identifying the HR Requirement

The first step of recruitment is to assess the requirement of human resources in an organization to carry out the organizational mission, goals, and objectives.

Under this step, the required number and kinds of people needed for organizational performance are identified. It can be done through the information obtained from HR planning and job analysis.

This provides information on the current availability of human resources and anticipates the future requirement of HR for organizational activities.

Under it, a comprehensive draft is prepared to specify the duties, responsibilities, working conditions, and skill requirements to perform the task.

2. Identifying possible sources of HR Supply

After assessing HR requirements, the probable sources are identified for generating a pool of qualified candidates. This process involves searching for potential candidates.

Mainly sources of HR supply are of two types: internal sources and external sources. Internal sources consist of transfers and promotions, whereas external sources include various alternatives like employment agencies, advertisements, casual callers, recommendations, educational institutions, etc.

Along with the probable sources, a suitable recruitment method is also identified under this phase of recruitment. The sources and methods are adopted in such a way that they provide the best and qualified human resources at a minimum cost.

3. Communicating the Information

In this step of recruitment, the potential candidates are informed about the vacancy announcement.

Under it, the information about the job requirement is passed away to the potential candidates about the job and required several employees to be recruited.

This information is passed away through different media or from the organization’s notice board. The popular media for vacancy announcements are print media, electronic media, the internet, etc.

4. Receiving Application

The recruitment process ends by generating a pool of qualified candidates to fill organizational vacancies. Under it, a recruiter receives the application forms dropped by different applicants interested in applying for a job. It provides a pool of candidates for selection.

After recruitment, the selection process begins, which chooses the best applicant for the job who is supposed to perform well in the actual work situation.

After receiving application forms, they are evaluated to check whether the basic requirement is maintained or not.

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