How to Start Your Career as a Fire Watch Guard? [Detailed Guide]

How to Start Your Career as a Fire Watch Guard? [Detailed Guide]

Fire watch guards protect vulnerable property, equipment, and people from dangerous fire hazards. Typically, they’re deployed in an area where hot work occurs or if a fire alarm or sprinkler system is malfunctioning or down.

These services are essential to help reduce the number of fires that break out in the workplace. They are also a great way to avoid fines and business closures.

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How to get a job as a fire watch guard?

Fire watch guards are highly trained security professionals who are specifically focused on identifying and removing potential fire hazards. They also perform regular inspections to ensure that fire safety equipment is in good working order.

The best way to start your career as a Fire Watch Guard is to get training from a reputable security company. These companies often hire seasoned fire watch professionals inspect their clients’ property, businesses, and warehouses.

During these visits, they check for faulty wiring that could lead to shorts or sparks that would ignite materials. Columbus fire watch guards also inspect for storage areas where flammable materials are stored. They will also keep an eye on areas where a fire might be able to spread, such as registries or other important service areas.

Take a course

You can also take an online course to become a fire watch guard or work as a security guard at a construction site that performs hot work (such as welding and cutting). The National Fire Prevention Association estimates that 4,630 structure fires break out a year due to hazardous hot work.

These types of fires caused 15 civilian deaths, 198 civilian injuries, and $355 million in direct property damage each year. In addition, most of these fires are started by sparks or small bits of molten metal flying around.

Getting a fire watch guard job can be a great way to make a difference in the world, and it is worth looking into. You can provide invaluable services to people that need them most while you can help save lives and property.

Job description of a fire watch guard

Fire watch guards are tasked with monitoring the safety of buildings and warehouses with a higher fire risk. They ensure that all the necessary safety measures are in place and maintain a log of their observations.

Fire watch services are a great way to keep your company and employees safe from fires. These services help to prevent major losses of profit, property, and life.

They help to mitigate potential hazards before they become a serious problem, and they also ensure that your business complies with local regulations on fire safety.

A fire watch guard works with various businesses and organizations, including construction sites, restaurants, movie theaters, hospitals, and hotels. In addition to being responsible for ensuring that the building is safe and secure, these guards are trained in emergency response procedures.

Fire prevention and protection

These security professionals are on the front line of fire prevention and protection. They work closely with the local police department to ensure they are always aware of any incoming emergencies. They are also tasked with patrolling the premises and keeping an eye on combustible materials, electrical wiring, and other possible sources of fires.

Emergency supplies

Another important role of a fire watch guard is to sound the alarms in case of an emergency so that firefighters can get to the scene in time. They must also carry emergency supplies such as flashlights, portable horns, and fire extinguishers.

Depending on the size and nature of your property, you may need to have multiple fire watch guards working on your property at all times. This is especially true in high-rise buildings where it may not be possible to immediately send a firefighter to the site.

This is why you should look for a company with a large team of well-trained and experienced fire watch guards. This will ensure that you have a reliable team of guards on hand when you need them. The best companies have a dedicated team of fire watch guards who are ready to go the extra mile to protect your building and your employees.

Monitor the whole place

The main duty of a fire watch guard is to monitor the entire facility and ensure that all fire alarms are in place and that all exits are not blocked or locked. The fire watch guard should also be sure that fire extinguishers are in working order and that all water sprinkler systems are operational.

In addition, the fire watch guard should also be able to identify and report all potential fire hazards immediately. This is to prevent any unnecessary damage and to avoid any legal issues that may arise.

Training Requirements

Fire watch guards are specialized security professionals who patrol property and facilities to identify potential fire hazards and alert the appropriate authorities. They also ensure that fire alarms and sprinklers work properly.

To start a fire watch guard career, you need to complete a training program. The requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction, but a high school diploma and three years of experience working in fire prevention or with building service equipment are often required.

A fire watch guard monitors construction sites and other work areas for small fires caused by sparks or bits of molten metal that fly around during welding and cutting operations. These jobs are precarious because they can cause serious injuries and property damage if a small fire goes out of control.

In any building whose fire protection system is out of service, owners must assign a licensed fire watch guard to monitor the building until the system returns online. During this period, people assigned to the fire watch must forego their usual duties or work duties on other buildings.


The first step in becoming a Fire Watch Guard is to get the proper training. This is done at an FDNY-accredited school that offers at least 20 hours of classroom instruction and practical work.

After graduating, you must take a test to earn your certification. The exam covers various topics related to fire and building systems; emergency procedures; training; and regulations.

You must pass the test with a score of 70 percent to earn your certificate and start working in a fire watch capacity. You may also retake the test twice if you fail to pass on the first attempt.

Fire Watch Guards patrol buildings and areas to identify potential hazards. They then report these to the property owner to address them. They also check all of the fire safety equipment to ensure it is up to standard.


A Fire Watch Guard is an important member of your business’ security team. Their job is to patrol the property and help identify potential fire hazards that could put staff or customers at risk.

In some cases, a fire watch is required by law (for example, at construction sites). This service is also necessary when a fire alarm or sprinkler system malfunctions, which can result in major losses to your business and potentially endanger lives.

Fire Watch Guards are trained to inspect and repair water-based fire protection systems. This can include identifying any corrosion, clogging, or other problems affecting their ability to protect your facility from fires.

They are also responsible for protecting properties that host trade shows and exhibitions. These facilities must have at least one certified guard on duty during all public performances and any storage period when a show is being set up or dismantled.

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