Data Collection: Meaning, Types

Data Collection, Sampling, Analysis

Collection of Data

Data Collection, Sampling, and Analysis is the essential and earliest part of any research process, legal or otherwise.

For empirical or quantitative research, data must be collected and analyzed. Quantitative research involves measurements, usually of variables, because quantitative methods attach more importance to generalizing our sub-set findings to the larger set from which the subset was selected.

Type of Data Collection Method

There are two main types of data collection are;

  1. census method, and
  2. sampling method.

Census Method

The Census method is used when the whole area or population is surveyed.

The collected information from all population units is usually called the census method. If the size of the units of the study is small, the census method is generally used to collect data.

However, in most cases, the census method is not practicable when an exhaustive and intensive study is undertaken, given the time factor and human and financial resource constraints.

Sampling Method

On the other hand, the sampling method is less expensive and less time-consuming.

Moreover, data collected from the questionnaire survey form the basis for analyzing issues and problems and drawing practical and theoretical conclusions.

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