Words that you should know before your trip to Malaga

Words that you should know before your trip to Malaga

Spain is a beautiful country and has fabulous landscapes. This is the main reason why many people choose this place as their vacation destination. Each region of Spain has its charm and unique beauty.

Many people choose to visit Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the big cities of this country. But some other cities or towns have many exciting items and should be known by tourists.

The stories, the historical sites, the museums, each of the streets and their paths, each site has a distinctive touch and stands out from the others.

For example, Malaga is a charming place that will make you live a unique experience while enjoying your stay in Spain. But there is an issue you should consider when visiting a country like Spain: the language.

In order to interact with people, you must learn Spanish in Malaga. With this Spanish course you will be able to understand the language and your stay will be much better. That is why we invite you to click here and find all the details.

Malaga and his words

Malaga and his words

The Spanish language has many synonyms, which is why it is a complex language to learn. In addition, each city, region, or country usually adds its own words or idioms to it, making it even more difficult.

For example, if you are considering visiting Malaga, you should know that there are words you must learn to relate to other people. If someone says “noise, ” they are in a hurry. If a person says “twine” they are talking about money. If someone calls you “stupid,” they want to wish you good luck. And let’s hope you don’t have a “pineapple” because that would be falling or hitting yourself.

Many words have been applied in Malaga. In many countries, “tennis” is a sport, but in Málaga, sports shoes are called “tennis”. Or “Nike” means that everything is perfect and does not represent the famous brand of shoes and clothing.

If someone alerts you with a shout saying “fanguto”, you should be alert because it means that there is a thief.

Also, you should know that “chavea” is a young person and that “esmallao” is the term used when a person is hungry.

With all these terms included in the daily vocabulary of people in Malaga, it will be essential that you speak Spanish to converse with the people who live there and thus enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Learn Spanish

In academies like Expanish, you can choose how to learn this language. You can choose between face-to-face classes or virtual classes through video calls.

On this site, you will have a teacher who will be at your disposal and who will adapt to your requirements. You can choose between learning quickly or taking a course to learn the language more thoroughly.

This language is complex, but having a good teacher and the support of a Spanish school with the reputation of Expanish, everything will be much easier.

In this way, you will be able to dialogue with people. You will be able to interpret what they are saying to you while you are in the middle of an excursion or ask any of your questions to who is the tour guide in the middle of the tour. It will also be essential to know Spanish to talk to other people in a bar or order your favorite food in a restaurant.

Therefore, learning this language will be essential and very useful, especially if you plan to visit a country like Spain or a city like Malaga.

What to do in Malaga

This city is beautiful and has many exciting places to visit. One of its main tourist attractions is the Alcazaba. There you can enjoy a unique landscape with stunning courtyards, gardens, and palaces.

The Gibralfaro castle is also another place that you should visit. Its architecture is impressive. This site was built to defend the city from possible enemy attacks. It currently has a tower from where you can see Malaga from the air.

Larios street is one of the most recognized because you can enjoy a beautiful landscape while visiting bars, restaurants, fashion stores, and colorful city places.

In addition, the Cathedral of Malaga is imposing. It was built in a Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance style. This Cathedral has a particularity that was not finished, and the south tower is missing.

If you are an art fan, the Pablo Picasso museum is a place you will be obliged to visit to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable collection of this artist.

In the Pompidou Center, the Contemporary Center, and the Carmen Tyhssen Museum, you will be able to appreciate incredible works of art that artists created from different parts of the world.

The Malaga Fair is also part of a spectacular itinerary, as is Pier One. Pier One is a commercial area where you will find shops and bars; you can taste exquisite dishes, you will enjoy cultural events, and will admire the landscape of the port.

With all these places to visit and many other places that we have yet to mention but that are very interesting, you should know that Malaga is a unique city where you will enjoy your stay. But remember that before traveling, you must learn Spanish in order to have contact with people and make the most of your time in this place.