Top 10 Trending Research Topics to Write About

Top Ten Trending Research Topics to Write AboutWriting a research paper is a common requirement for any student in high school, college, and university.

This can come as a challenge to students who need to present different ideas in a manner that is concise, well written and succinct.

The writing process can be daunting and intimidating for a lot of students, and choosing research paper topics can be even more frustrating.

There is a range of topics in each field of learning to write about, whether their value is academic, social, or practical for the reader.

Here, we have selected some hot topics to write about in different fields.

Sometimes, it might be a challenge to get your project off the ground, so you might want to find an experienced research paper writer to assist you.

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Top 10 trending research topics to write about when you are finding it difficult to find a topic to research and write about.

1. Energy Sources

In this paper, you would explore the history of alternative energy supplies and you can explore alternative energy sources for new developments.

The core question could center around sufficient energy options to manage the needs of the world’s population. An energy source is a debate that is ongoing, particularly in developing nations which could make for interesting case studies.

2. Waste Disposal

Given overpopulation issues with the world exceeding 6 billion people, waste disposal is becoming a major concern. There is also the question of global warming, and how the improper disposal of waste may contribute to the hole in the ozone layer.

There are many avenues to explore in a topic of this nature, e.g., innovative disposal methods, the disposal methods of computers and cellphones, disposal technologies, etc.

3. Imposed Democracy

Democracy is an ideal held high by many nations and the United States is behind pioneering the concept after World II.

In fact, the US is mainly behind influencing other countries in the world to adopt democracy. You could work on a paper interrogating the role the US has played in other nations and how it has imposed democracy in other nations.

4. Political Environment in the Middle East

The Middle East has had a long history of conflict and is at the center of many debates as world leaders look for solutions.

Who knows?

Your paper might come up with much-needed innovation to bring peace to the area. For instance, you could examine the history of nations in the region and their interaction, noting possible avenues for peace.

5. Religion and Globalization

Religion is always a tricky topic, but if approached right – it can spark an interesting debate because the world is interconnected. Technology creates a smaller world and has had a major influence on the practice and spread of religion.

Whether it be television evangelists or live-streaming the pilgrimage to Mecca, technology has changed religious practice in many ways.

It could be anything – from Lava Beds National Monument to the pyramids in Giza. The idea is to evoke interest in the readers and keep them hooked till the end.

Top Ten Trending Research Topics

6. UN Policies on the Environment and their Impact

This topic could analyze how policies impact on the health of the environment in constructive and nonconstructive ways. In this paper, the idea would be to take a close look at these policies and addressing how they impact human behavior.

In addition, you could speak on the positive impact of these policies and how they address global environmental issues.

7. The Influence of Marketing and Media on Teens

The media is a tool that heavily influences thoughts and behavior patterns, and it influences a lot of our choices. People make certain choices based on what is being sold to them through media.

In this paper, you could investigate ho marketing increases media consumption among young people and how it is constructed.

8. Bar Code Implants

This may sound like a sci-fi movie, and it seems impossible, but these have been implemented in a few people and sparked debate.

This is a controversial topic and you can take on both sides of the issue and you can describe how the technology involved affects people.

9. Cancer Drug Studies

In the pharmacological environment, cancer drug studies are just one type of topic that can go in many ways. Researchers can study the role and impact of various drugs on cancer cells.

Some topics can explore treatments and therapies available. The topic is also interesting in learning how patients deal with cancer and manage the effects.

10. Drug Delivery

Another topic for pharmacy research, you could explore the design of drug delivery systems, including liposomes and liquid crystals.

Research studies indicate that the immediate environment of the lung may be at risk of certain treatments. This research paper could analyze the epithelial cell culture for the study by studying humans as well as animals.

In Conclusion

Writing your paper also entails making sure that the formatting is correct depending on the citation style (MLA, APA, or Chicago). It is also important to follow instructions set out by your teacher or professor, accordingly.

Avoid plagiarism by ensuring that you acknowledge using other people’s ideas through the use of quotations, paraphrasing, and summaries.

Once you are done, proofread your work and fix grammatical, incorrect punctuation and spelling errors.

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