The Economist Subscription Discount for Students And Educators

The Economist Subscription Discount for Students And Educators

The reporting is great and diverse. You’ll be informed about what goes on in the world. Mind you; it will not make you extremely informed. You’ll get an overview. It’s a high-quality overview, though.

It’s certainly not an impartial view, though. It is very much a free-market lassez-faire view and interpretation. This is, I believe, important to keep in mind when reading.

It colors their take on the news and their commentary. But it’s not a hidden view, and that makes it easier to correct for, should you want to.

Their long articles on subjects (the sixteen-page country/tech/business analyses) are worth reading. I had a fellow student using several of their points on an exam and doing very well (he was smart enough to expand on them, though).

What is The Economist?

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The Economist is a weekly magazine that covers worldwide events, emphasizing economic issues and an excellent general review of other relevant subjects such as energy, intellectual property, business, finance, and many other fascinating and worthwhile reading topics.

They were established in 1843 to cover the significant legislative issues of that day and are now on the list of the most-read magazines globally with numerous quality articles.

The Economist has many preferences for you, like web content, blogs, articles, and even audio and video programs. They have bases in many major cities, with their editorial staff extended worldwide.

Is it worth subscribing to The Economist?

Yes, a subscription to The Economist is worth the money.

What appeals to me most about this magazine is

  • The holistic nature of its news content. While newspapers are focused on national news with just 1 or 2 pages dedicated to stories from the rest of the world, The Economist covers near-equitable news from every part of the globe.
  • The articles and a wide range of categories are of extremely high quality. One gets a crisp and clear perspective after reading them.
  • If you want to improve your spoken/ written English, reading The Economist provides an excellent way to go about it. I firmly believe that one’s English is good by using flowery vocabulary and conveying as much information without diluting the content with unnecessary data. Articles in The Economist most definitely achieve that.

The Economist vs. other magazines

The Economist Subscription Discount for Students And Educators

CNN, HuffPost, The New York Times, and many others like this are not regarded as highly as The Economist.

If you want in-depth knowledge about anything or love something to read in detail, then there is nothing better than The Economist. Many industry leaders, politicians, businessmen, and top CEOs in the world read and recommend the Economist.

Price of The Economist Subscription

The price of The Economist digital and print subscriptions starts at $30 per month and $20 per month for the digital subscription only.

The Economist Subscription Offers: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

However, we are offering 75% discounts for The Economist Subscription. Offer is available for students, educators, and everyone.

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