3 Tips for Setting Up Your Own Small Business While You’re Still Studying

3 Tips for Setting Up Your Own Small Business While You're Still Studying

It might sound crazy to combine life as a student with your first forays into running a business, but you’d also be surprised by the number of successful entrepreneurs who did just that.

Of course it doesn’t work out for everyone, so you need to be strategic about how you handle the process of building a business while in the midst of your studies.

Acing the Time Management Test: Balancing Studies and Business

If you don’t sort out your time management, you’ll fall at the first hurdle, so start by creating an organized schedule for both your studies and business activities.

Establishing blocks of time for each will help you manage your workload better. Make sure to include a few hours dedicated solely to relaxation. This is key in avoiding burnout, especially if you’re running short on time during exams or crunch periods at work.

Most importantly, set realistic expectations when it comes to taking on tasks – don’t bite off more than you can chew! Prioritize what needs urgent attention first, like assignments due soon or client deadlines that must be met.

Finally, remember that mistakes are inevitable; don’t give up if something doesn’t go according to plan. Keep track of how long certain activities take so that next time around, you’ll know just what needs doing and when it should be done.

Taking Business Phone Calls Like a Pro

When running a small business, taking phone calls is an essential part of the job. As a student, you need to work on communication skills, and also use the right telephony tools to appear professional in this context.

Always prepare before taking a call by researching both your client and their needs ahead of time. This will help you respond quickly with accurate information every time.

Also, don’t forget to take notes during each call so that nothing slips through the cracks. This will allow you to provide better customer service in future conversations.

Lastly, using apps like Google Phone will make it easier to handle all of your business communications cleanly, without needing an entirely separate device or phone line to get the job done.

Growing Your Network and Gaining Clients Even as a Student

As a student-run business, it’s vital to develop your network in order to grow. Here are some tips for doing just that.

First off, connect with other small business owners who may have experience in the industry you’re looking to break into. Ask them questions about their experiences, advice they would give you, or if they know anyone else who could help out. You never know what useful information can come from these conversations.

Next up is creating an online presence – this will include having social media accounts related to your business, and a website where potential clients can find further information about you and your services.

Additionally, take advantage of digital marketing tactics such as email campaigns or sponsored posts on social media platforms which can help spread the word even further.

Last of all, remember that networking isn’t just digital. Attend local events related to entrepreneurship or join clubs in university dedicated towards businesses so that others can get familiar with yours.

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt that starting a small business as a student is a daunting task, but one which is within reach for anyone with the right approach, the right tools, and the right work ethic to see them through.

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