Relationship between Intelligence and Creativity

The Relationship between Intelligence and CreativityIntelligence means the ability of a person to gain and retain information and knowledge. While testing intelligence, IQ scores are derived that show a person’s ability to retain information historically.

On the other hand, creativity is one’s ability to think out of the box. It is the art to come up with new ideas and joining existing concepts. Creative ideas do not have to be very revolutionary in nature. They just need to be new to the thinker. Creativity means observing the problem from the various angles and coming up with a novel answer or solution.

Intelligence vs Creativity

Both intelligence and creativity are the functions of the brain. They both are linked with how the brain attains and retains information. Intelligence is normally measured using IQ test. There are large numbers of IQ tests available. All these tests measure different forms of intelligence.

On the other hand, it is quite difficult to measure creativity. Generally, it is believed that more creativity means more intelligence. It is a general assumption that those who are creative are naturally more intelligent and intellectual. But we cannot generalize it. It cannot always be true.

A large number of research studies have found out a correlation between intelligence and creativity. Those individuals who had IQ scores above 120 were having a higher level of creativity as compared to those individuals who had IQ scores less than 120.

But further research development showed that the relationship between intelligence and creativity is formed due to the overlap of various talents and skills and they do not directly influence one another.

If someone uses his or her creativity in order to solve a certain problem, he or she stores that strategy in mind for the future. Whenever he or she will face the same kind of problem in the future his or her intelligence will guide to solve such a problem. Similarly, if a problem requires a solution creatively then the intelligence of a person can give him or her the starting point required to look for the solution.

So, a person with a low level of intelligence may find it difficult to solve a problem that may require a creative solution. In this way, the relationship between intelligence and creativity is a bit complicated.

JP Guilford became the pioneer in finding the relationship between intelligence and creativity. He developed a structure of intellect model in order the find the relationship between the two.

In this model, he broke down the methods of thinking into three dimensions of ability: content, operations, and products. These dimensions are further divided into subsets of various skills and abilities. These abilities, then, work together in order to bring the required solution to any particular problem, making a total of 150 different ways.

JP Guilford’s model designed two operations as divergent and convergent productions that depend on creativity and intelligence in order to solve a problem. Convergent thinking depends upon intelligence. Convergent thinking applies to those scenarios and problems that have only one solution. Solving mathematics and science problems usually require convergent thinking.

Divergent thinking, on the other hand, is related to creativity. It is also known as creative thinking. Divergent thinking takes several approaches to solve a problem because such problems have multiple solutions available.

Strategies to increase Divergent Thinking

Practicing brainstorming: It generally involves the listing of creative ideas that comes to the mind. Those ideas are unstructured in nature. The objective of brainstorming is to come up with maximum possible ideas no matter how unstructured they are. This process involves the recording of each and every idea that strikes the brain. In brainstorming, no idea is discarded or rejected.

Keeping a Journal: Journals are one of the best tools to record the idea that hits the brain spontaneously. By creating a journal, one can record the ideas and plans that come to mind and can use those ideas when required.

Freewriting: Freewriting is considered to be one of the best techniques in order to boost divergent thinking. In freewriting, the person focuses on one topic and keeps on writing about it freely. The goal here is to write freely about whatever comes to mind regarding that particular topic. Those ideas are then restructured and reshaped in the required arrangement.

Mind mapping: mind mapping involves the mapping of brainstormed ideas into the form of a picture or visual map. This map shows the relationship between the ideas being brainstormed. The map starts with the central topic and then has various branches. Each branch shows one particular idea.

Strategies to increase Convergent Thinking

Be affirmative:  Do not attack the idea without giving it a thought. Start by thinking about what do you actually like about that idea and why do you feel it to be the required one. Challenge yourself to find the best solution and do not hesitate to discard the ideas when required.

Be deliberate: Do not jump to conclusions. Do not make baseless assumptions. It will lead you to harsh results. Take your time to analyze the problem in detail. Give all the alternatives the fair chance to be considered.

Check your objectives: some ideas are appealing to the brain but they may take you away from your objective. Check your objectives again and again so that you can keep yourself on track.

Improve the ideas: Be patient with the process. Think and improve your ideas when required.

Try to bring novelty: Try to come up with new ideas. If you only stick to what you have done before you will never be able to come up with something new and novel. Develop the courage to look for new things.

Conclusion Thoughts

The relationship between intelligence and creativity is quite complicated. But, it is clear that they both are required in order to come up with the best solution. There are various tips and tricks available in order to boost the thinking process. Creativity can be established with the exercises explained earlier.

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