Difference between Leadership and Management

Difference between Leadership and ManagementLeadership and management are not exactly the same in nature.

They are two different things.

Leaders conquer the context and the manager surrender to it.

A manager administers, copies maintains, focuses on system and structure, relies on control, has a short-range view, asks how and when, has an eye on the bottom line, imitates, accepts status quo, is like a classic good soldier and does things right.

On the country, a leader innovates, is original, develops, focuses on people, inspires trust, has long-range perspective, asks what and why has an eye on the horizon, originates, challenges the status quo, is an own person and does the right thing.

So it can be said that a manager is necessarily a leader but a leader may not be a manager.

Let’s look at the difference between leader and manager;

OriginA person becomes a manager by virtue of his position.A person becomes a leader on basis of personal qualities.
Formal rightsManager has got formal rights in an organization because of his status.Rights are not available to a leader.
FollowersThe subordinates are the followers of managersThe people who share the same ideology as the leader.
FunctionsA manager performs all five functions of management.Leader influences people to work will for group objectives.
NecessityA manager is essential to a concern.A leader is required to create co-relation between people working in an organization.
StabilityIt is more stable.Leadership is temporary.
Mutual relationshipAll managers are leaders.All leaders are not managers.
AccountabilityManager is accountable for self and subordinates behavior and performance.Leaders have no well-defined accountability.
ConcernA manager’s concern is reaching organizational goals.A leader’s concern is group goals fulfills the member’s satisfaction.
Followers reasons to followPeople follow manager by virtue of job description.People follow them on a voluntary basis.
Role continuationA manager can continue in office till he 1 performs his duties satisfactorily in congruence with organizational goals.A leader can maintain his position on through day to day wishes of followers.
SanctionsManager has command over the allocation and distribution of sanctions.

A leader has command over difference sanctions and related task records.

The sanctions are essential of informal nature.


Leader and manager are related but they are not same.

A person can be a manager; a person is not a leader or neither. A manager focuses monitoring result, comparing them with goals and correcting deviations.

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But leader focuses on stimulating people to overcome bureaucratic hurdles to help reach goals.

Manager and leaders differ in how they create an agenda to develop a rationale for achieving the agenda and execute plans and in the types of outcomes they achieve.

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Although leaders and managers are related, there is some distinction between leaders and managers.

The overall success of any organization depends on the efforts of both leader and manager.

A leader in conjunction with a manager can produce orderly changed, can keep the organization properly aligned with its environment.

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