How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media?

How To Stop Wasting Time On Social Media?Since we live in the Internet era and the time of technology perks, smartphones are the inevitable part of our daily lives.

That we spend too much time on phones also confirms the latest feature on iPhone devices that monitors the exact time that we spend on social media channels.

While we want to stay connected with our friends and family through the use of popular social media channels, we are not aware at the same time that we are actually developing an addiction to these features and generally our smartphones.

Various researches confirmed that we have a lot of things that we perform through the phones, but generally, we also have a problem with the excessive use, especially when we involve Facebook or Instagram, which became one of the popularity measures.

So if you are having the same problem and would like to reduce the time you spend on social media, continue with the reading of this article.

Go outside for a walk

Simply leave your house much more often and go public! You can even notify your online friends that you are going in “off-line” mode for a while, so you could literally take a break from the virtual world.

Going out for a walk is the best thing to do for a start since you will have physical activity, you will not tap your phone, and you will have to hang out outside with friends if you bump into them.

This may sound harsh, but this is the first step in the healing process, as you must get used to walking without your phone or headphones plugged in.

While you are walking, you are disconnecting from the network, and you are exercising, which is great for your body and health so we could say you kill two birds with a single stone!

Resist to tapping your phone

Any kind of temptation is hard to resist, but you simply must limit yourself to a couple of hours of tapping! Every time you think of tapping the phone, change your thoughts and do not tap it. This may look like a kind of “drug withdrawal” but is one of the most efficient techniques you must practice.

Just do not do it when you hear the notification – if it is something urgent, they will probably call you instead of sending you a message! In order to resist tapping it, you can limit yourself to two or three sessions when you will review all the notifications, answer to your buddies, and reply to messages.

Of course, if you are a business owner, this might be a little harder to do, as you need to be online all the time and reply to the messages or write texts, freelance writing jobs for beginners could do the job for you if you hire him for writing the emails and subscription letters, but it is all about the power of will.

Still, you can organize your time well and make a plan, so you do not touch your phone all the time.

For this reason, it may be not a bad idea to delete private social media channels or use them at the alternative/personal phone.

This will reduce greatly the time you spend online, and you will have more time to do the business.

Do not put the phone on the table

The number one rule for all members of “want to reduce time on social media” group! Whenever you think of placing a phone on the table, reject the thought, and leave it in the pocket.

Some restaurants also included the rule that guests who leave the phone on the reception get the discount for the price they need to pay.

This helps you a lot, as the phone will distract you and will tempt you to take it and scroll just to kill some time before the meal is ready.

Once you implement this rule and start respecting it, you will try to convince other people in your group to do so.

Remove social media apps from the phone

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel are really cool and can be of great benefits for users.

Still, the biggest problem is that some people simply cannot resist scrolling and look at the posts on these platforms, so the only way to reduce the time on these is to delete these from the phone and not use them. You can temporarily disable accounts, or simply delete them from phones so you could not get tempted to open them.

This will definitely give you more peace as you will not think about these since you had deleted them. Sometimes this is the best solution, especially those who do not know to say “Stop”!

Have a romantic relationship

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, it is very likely that you do not spend a lot of time on these channels.

Still, if you do not have, you could think of finding someone so your time on social media could be turned into a romantic relationship full of gentle moments.

Instead of scrolling, you could spend a lovely evening with your partner and enjoy a much better time.

A study showed that a happy relationship, where both woman and man are happy, contains very little time that is spent on social media networks.

Why should you go online, when you be offline and enjoy a romantic dinner, a movie, and cuddling in your bed?

Spend time doing something more meaningful

Instead of looking at the pictures of abandoned dogs, you could do some voluntary work in a dog shelter.

Or you can help the poor and ill children. This is something that contributes to society while it fulfills you and your feelings at the same time.

The virtual online world really limits you and locks you in the frames of sorrow, happiness, and madness where you cannot do anything.

Therefore, do something in the real world, something that contributes to and boosts the whole society or community.

Avoid phone as much as possible

If someone calls you, answer the phone, but if someone texts you, give him/her a call instead of sending an SMS or WhatsApp message. In this way, you avoid the phone as much as you can.

Also, when you are waiting for the bus, instead of scrolling your favorite news portal on the phone, buy newspapers and read it! Avoid holding your phone in your hands and try not to watch the time on it. Instead, buy a watch and wear it all the time.

Ask for the professional advice

If you are still having a problem with this, you may seek professional help as the problem of social media, and generally, the smartphones found its place in clinical psychiatry.

Everything is good until it becomes a real problem that ruins your social life.

At that point, you are facing a serious problem that you must solve as soon as possible. It is not a shame to ask for professional help if you cannot cope on your own

It is rather a shame to let something that is virtual to ruin your life and health!

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