The Ultimate How-To Guide for Printing and Binding a Thesis

The Ultimate How-To Guide for Printing and Binding a Thesis

You’ve arrived: all of your time spent studying and writing your research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, or other final work has come to a close. You’re almost ready to submit it, but first and foremost you must consider finishing your thesis.

When researching about finishing a thesis, a student constantly asks the same two questions: “How do I go about finishing my thesis?” as well as “Where will I go for printing and finishing my thesis?”
Continue reading for some pointers on what to look for when getting a research paper printed and bound.

What is the process for printing and binding my thesis?

Because most students haven’t had the chance to do printing or to bind a research paper before, deciding which binding is best and what printing configurations to use might be tricky. We provide you with all of the information you need to know about printing and finishing a thesis.

What should I look out for when printing my thesis?

Students always have the same questions about printing a thesis:

  • Is it in black and white or color?
  • What type of paper is suitable?

That is why we have compiled some tips for publishing your thesis.

Things to consider while publishing your thesisTip
Color printing: There are just two possibilities for printing your thesis:
– black/white or color. Keep in mind that color printing can be more expensive.
while color-printing your thesis, it will undoubtedly stand out. However, excessive color can detract from the seriousness of your writing.
Paper: When you go to a copy shop, they will normally recommend that you use 80 g/m2 paper. However, because 80 g/m2 paper is quite thin, it is less robust, and the print on the reverse side will show through.Make sure you have all of the information first! Your final grade will be affected by the type of paper you utilize. The use of 100 g/m2 paper instantly improves the quality of your thesis. Some service providers default to a paper weight of 100 g/m2.
Price: Several things influence the price: Paper weight, color or black-and-white printing, and the actual printing.Examine the many pricing on offer! If you want your paper colored, for example, we recommend finding a service who does not charge a premium.

What should I look out for while binding a thesis?

Many students ask the “how” question since they are unsure of what form of finishing to utilize for their thesis. This is where it depends on the sort of final document: a research paper, for example, necessitates substantial investigation and work, but a standard term paper does not.

Their weighting varies: a typical term paper only accounts for a small amount of your grade, whereas your Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis, or research paper is worth much more.

To be more specific, if your final paper is significant and you want to learn about finishing your dissertation, simple spiral finishing is not the way to go. Leather bound is the greatest alternative because it is more appropriate for your main final paper and is substantially more durable.


Many post-secondary colleges and universities have certain finishing requirements. As a result, it is preferable to first determine whether your university has any rules for printing and finishing a thesis.
That is why we want to show you which binding to use based on the sort of final paper you are submitting.

Which binding is best for my final paper?

To begin with, there is a wide range of bindings available. That is why we will go over each of them with you so that nothing goes wrong in this regard.

Thesis binding in leather

Thesis binding in leather

Leather binding is the best option for your thesis. It looks professional and classy thanks to the leather-look solid cover. If you choose a leather finishing, you can also add custom embossing, a bookmark, or corner protectors to make your thesis look even more professional.

Recommendation: A leather finishing is ideal for significant final works such as your research paper, dissertation, bachelor’s thesis, and master’s thesis.

Thermal binding for the thesis

Thermal binding for the thesis

Thermal finishing is the most adaptable of all. It has a translucent front cover that draws attention to the title of your thesis right away. It also has a leather-look rear cover in the color of your choice.

Recommendation: Thermal binding is ideal for modest research projects. It is also useful if you need many printouts of your finished page.

Softcover for your dissertation

Softcover for your dissertation

We choose Softcover if you want your paper to stand out and appear more imaginative. This allows you to customize the cover anyway you like. When you choose softcover, you may let your creative juices flow with different fonts, logos, photos, or completely wacky designs.

But be cautious! You don’t want it to become overly cluttered! After all, it is still a research paper, therefore your end product should be professional.

Recommendation: In general, softcover finishing can be used for any sort of final paper. However, there is a limit to the number of pages it can hold, making it less suitable for a full dissertation.

Spiral binding for the thesis

Spiral binding for the thesis

Spiral finish is the most elegant and easy. It’s similar to thermal finishing in that it features a transparent front cover and a colored, leather-look rear cover.

Spiral finishing, on the other hand, is not glued. Instead, spirals hold your thesis together. Spiral finishing is ideal for smaller research tasks, such as term papers. It is not suitable for major final papers such as a dissertation or research paper.

Where can I get a thesis printed and bound?

We’ve done the legwork for you, so you can easily find out where you may go for publishing a thesis, and where you’ll get the best output possible. It is advantageous to use an online service because you can place your order from the comfort of your own home, saving crucial time.

But, even with internet suppliers, you win some and lose some. During our study, one online service provider stood out from the crowd:

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How you will benefit:
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Ensure that nothing goes wrong when printing and binding a thesis!

Writing a thesis takes a significant amount of time. Everything will go well if you follow our suggestions for your research paper, Bachelor’s thesis, or term paper. Of course, where you get your thesis printed is entirely up to you, whether you go to a physical copy shop or order online.

However, if you want high-quality, stress-free thesis finishing, BachelorPrint is the place to go. Their user-friendly online shop makes it simple to put together your thesis, which is why we recommend it.

We wish you the best of luck with your thesis!