10 Essential Qualities of Good Interviewer

Qualities of Good InterviewerThe success of the interview largely depends on the traits and qualities of the interviewer.

But there is no universally accepted list of qualities of a good or successful interviewer.

A good interviewer has 10 essential qualities to know about the candidate, find out their talent and skills, and evaluate them for the job properly.

10 Qualities of Good Interviewer are;

  1. Knowledge about the job.
  2. Training and experience.
  3. Listening attentively.
  4. Emotional maturity.
  5. Control of anger and aggression.
  6. Empathetic attitude.
  7. Ability to recognize uniqueness.
  8. Stable personality.
  9. Extrovert behavior.
  10. Physical stamina.

Here are the 10 important requirements/qualities/traits of a good successful interviewer are mentioned below:

  1. Knowledge about the job

    A good interviewer is one who has sufficient knowledge about the job for which he/she is taking the interview.

    If the interviewer lacks adequate knowledge regarding job duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required, it would not be possible for him to select the best candidate.

  2. Training and experience

    Interviewers should have adequate experience and necessary training to conduct an interview effectively and efficiently.

  3. Listening attentively

    Good interviewers are attentive listeners. They listen more than they talk.

    The listening tendency helps the interviewer to make a better evaluation. Many interviews fail because the interviewer talks more than listening.

  4. Emotional maturity

    The interviewer should be free from biases and undue emotions. He should have the ability to judge the situation based on logic and wisdom.

  5. Control of anger and aggression

    Control of anger, arrogance, or aggression is a very important trait of successful interviewers. They should not be aggressive or intimidating.

    They should neither miss-guide the candidate nor should react to the applicant’s comments. When the candidate strays from the track of inquiry, a good interviewer guides him back to the point.

  6. Empathetic attitude

    Empathy is the ability to understand or share the feelings or attitudes of others. The empathetic attitude of the interviewer helps to relieve the applicant’s anxiety and nervousness.

    Good interviewers show empathy to the interviewee using a friendly and warm tone.

  7. Ability to recognize the uniqueness

    Every interviewee is unique in his/her qualities, character, traits, and experience. The successful interviewer is one who can identify the best combination of individual talents and qualities for a particular job.

  8. Stable personality

    Personality is the way through which one can create an impression in the minds of others.

    Good interviewer possesses such a stable personality so that he/she can treat all the interviewees in the same general way. He should not show any inclination to any particular interviewee.

  9. Extrovert behavior

    Extrovert behavior is another quality of a good interviewer. This quality helps the interviewer to be conversational, frank, and friendly.

  10. Physical stamina

    The sound mind goes with good health. The interviewer should possess good physical and mental health so that he can work at stress with a huge number of interviewees.

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