7 Goals of Marketing

Effective Marketing is difficult because producers and consumers are separated in several ways. The exchange between producers and consumers is hampered by spatial separation of ownership exchange of further complicated by discrepancies of quality and discrepancies of assortment between Producers and Consumers.

Marketing facilitates production and consumption in different ways.

  1. Spatial separation,
  2. Separation in time,
  3. Separation of Information,
  4. Separation in Values,
  5. Separation of Ownership,
  6. Discrepancies of Quantity,
  7. Discrepancies of Assortment.

7 Goals of Marketing

The goals of marketing are depicted below:

1. Spatial Separation

Producers and consumers are separated geographically. Producers tend to cluster together by industry.

In a few concentrated locations, while consumers are located in many scattered locations. Marketing needed to overcome spatial separation.

2. Separation in Time

Consumers may not want to consume goods at the time they are produced, and time may be required to transport goods from producer to’ customer.

To overcome the separation in time, marketing aids closely.

3. Separation of Information

Producers do not know who needs, what, when, where, and at what price consumers don’t know what is available from whom, where, when, and at what price.

The marketing system is necessary to overcome that type of separation of information.

4. Separation in Values

Producers value goods and services in terms of cost and competitive prices. Consumers value goods and services in terms of utility and ability to pay. To overcome the separation in values marketing facilitate?-.

5. Separation of Ownership

Producers hold title to goods and services which they do not want to consume.

Consumers want to consume goods and services which they do not own. The marketing function is necessary to overcome the separation of ownership.

6. Discrepancies of Quantity

Producers prefer to produce and sell in large quantities. Consumers prefer to buy and consume h small quantities. Marketing needed to overcome discrepancies in quantity.

7. Discrepancies of Assortment

Producers specialize in producing a narrow assortment of goods and ‘ services. Consumers need a broad assortment. The goal of the marketing function is also to overcome the discrepancies of assortment.

The goals of marketing from the social foundation are;

  • Maximize Consumption.
  • Maximize Consumer Satisfaction.
  • Maximize Choice.
  • Maximize Quality Living.

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