8 Benefits of Reading (Why Reading is Important for Students)

8 Reason Why Reading is Important for a StudentReading materials such as books, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. are the most inexpensive source of knowledge and entertainment. Reading is the cheapest way of acquiring knowledge and thus improving the lifestyles.

However, 8 benefits of reading;

  1. Giving Satisfaction.
  2. Enhancing Concentration.
  3. Imparting Knowledge.
  4. Exercise of Brain.
  5. Reducing Stress.
  6. Enhancing Analytical Thinking.
  7. Improving Vocabulary.
  8. Improving Writing Skills.

1. Giving Satisfaction

Reading gives great satisfaction to the readers. A famous phrase “curling up with books” creates an image of a warm and close relationship with the book.

Even parents feel satisfied when they see their kids are reading books.

2. Enhancing Concentration

For reading, one needs to be focused for a longer duration, and it requires mental exercise. For understanding the text or the whole story, the reader must concentrate his mind on a particular matter.

In this way, reading improves our concentration power and focus.

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3. Imparting Knowledge

Reading enhances the knowledge of the readers.

By developing the reading skills, the readers can diversify their field of knowledge, which provides them with the chance to participate in fruitful discussion and decision-making processes.

4. Exercise of Brain

Reading is regarded as an exercise of the brain.

When we involved in reading, our brain cells start to work for understanding the meaning of the text and try to relate various aspects of the matter read.

Thus reading stimulates the brain and impels it to think about all possible aspects for realizing the meaning.

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5. Reducing Stress

Reading is a great habit that can change human lives dramatically. It can entertain us, amuse us, and enrich us with knowledge.

It helps us reducing stress, relieving tensions, and thus boosts our energy. It carries us to the realm of dream and amusement – far away from the real complex world.

6. Enhancing Analytical Thinking

Reading not only enriches your knowledge but also makes it sharpen to analyze and evaluate things in a better way.

In this way, reading enhances our analytical thinking.

7. Improving Vocabulary

Skillful reading increases the vocabulary of the readers by introducing them with the new and unfamiliar words and phrases regularly.

It not only enriches our vocabulary but also teaches us a better way of expressing ourselves.

8. Improving Writing Skills

Reading helps gradual improvements in vocabulary that, in turn, enhances the reader’s writing skills.

As it boosts the ability to think, it also improves the written expression.

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