30 Accounting Research Paper Topics and Ideas for Writing

30 Accounting Research Paper Topics and Ideas for Writing

Most students face hurdles approaching accounting research papers. They need to proceed with complex financial terminology and make the structure look like a continuous flow. Beyond that, financial accounting doesn’t seem a matter where you can let your imagination run riot. That’s why such papers may end up being faulty.

While some students prefer hiring an expert to buy a research paper online written from scratch, others build a plan B with attempts to master it on their own. This guide is the exact plan B for those who don’t give in the chance to manage complex accounting research papers. Learn the best topics to choose from, and get interesting ideas for your prolific writing.

Top 30 Accounting Research Paper Topics

Below you may find the top 30 topics that may help you get an A grade. Yet, you may modify them per your preferences. The main idea is to find a topic that can be supported with many facts and examples that will show a professor your proficiency in the field.

  1. Manual accounting versus accounting software;
  2. Managing debts without trouble;
  3. The negative aspect of off-shores;
  4. The advances of online banking;
  5. Strategies to make profit flow without mistakes;
  6. History of accounting in Europe, America, and Asia;
  7. The problems of accounting accuracy;
  8. Profit management;
  9. Tax management in a modern society;
  10. Most hard accounting theories in America/Canada/UK/India/Europe/China/BrazilAustralia/Japan/Africa, or any other country;
  11. Difficulties concerning tax dodgers;
  12. Can business work without accounting software;
  13. How to avoid inaccuracies with large profits in a business?
  14. Accounting literacy for children;
  15. Financial instability in America;
  16. How to protect accounting data from third-party access?
  17. How can one accounting mistake lead to bankruptcy?
  18. Past and current accounting standards;
  19. How do we distribute extra earnings among employees?
  20. The correlation between accounting and donations?
  21. Fake accounting reports – their impact on the economy;
  22. The secrets of financial standing on the market;
  23. Stocks and financial management of the earnings;
  24. Tax reduction for non-profit organizations;
  25. How to minimize accounting risks within small-sized companies?
  26. A profile of a modern and successful account;
  27. Accounting history over the last 50 years;
  28. Is accounting a good occupation to choose in 2021?
  29. Online money vs. paper money;
  30. Online transactions and e-commerce accounting problems.

Beyond that, a student may play around with one accounting term and develop its importance to the modern financial system. You may refer to this Financial encyclopedia for more terminology. 

Otherwise, a good option is to speak to a professor to learn about the rarely covered and interesting topics to investigate. Remember, you should show your best proficiency in the end.

Top Ideas for Accounting Research Paper

Since we live in a modern world, it dictates modern approaches to accounting. It is achieved through designated software or mobile applications. It may draw you to one obvious idea covering mobile/online/virtual accounting. If it seems a piece of cake, you may also refer to the next ideas:

  • What are common hurdles you experience with accounting? Research this matter, taking into consideration your problems. For example, mobile applications take much time to submit all financial information, which you should refresh 5-times. Find the online users’ feedback on one accounting application, and gather the collective problems as evidence or fact.
  • Investigate the scandalous events related to off-shores or tax dodgers. You may get inspiration to cover one of the 5th famous tax cheats. Learn their stories, and investigate the background of such stories. Why, when, at what cost, etc.
  • If appropriate, you may write about Bitcoin or other virtual currency. For instance, Bitcoin broke the record recently in its prime cost. Research what events led to such a record, what the average price of this currency is, etc.
  • Provide a professor with your unique accounting strategy. If you plan to climb the career ladder in the field, you may show your future impact. For example, tell about your ethics related to accounting or ways of improving the economy of the country with new approaches. Still, since it is a research paper, you should fill your paper with much other evidence and facts to make it look academic.

That’s it. Spend some qualitative time thinking about the accounting field to cover, which won’t be trite and already well-researched. It is better to dedicate at least 1-2 days only to the investigation of your future topic.

What to Avoid in Accounting Research Papers?

When you are done with the search for a topic, look at the following advice on what to avoid in your research papers.

#1 Personal Opinions

A research paper is all about the reliability of the information. No need to add – I, me, myself to the extreme. Play around sources only!

#2 Missing correlations

In particular, it concerns the missing correlation between your thesis statement and the stuffing found in the main body. Ensure you open the body by referring to your primary thesis. The same concerns the conclusion. There should be no new information you don’t cover in the main body.

#3 No cited sources

Missing citations are shared among all the students. One such mistake, your research paper won’t pass any plagiarism choices. After citing all the borrowings, go to any plagiarism checker (or the one your professor uses), and check if there are many such online citation services.

#4 No proofreading

  • Plagiarism and citations are half of the deal. Double-check your paper for accuracy.
  • Is there all information covered?
  • Are you satisfied with the grammar and accounting terminology used?
  • Can you learn something new by reading the paper?

Pretend you are a professor or other student who wants to learn something new. Or, give your paper to your friend or relative to receive feedback.

Memorize all these tricks and tips, and choose one topic for your research. Be creative but stick to sources and only reliable information. No need for a mediocre approach since accounting is not a pool for imagination.

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