About iEduNote

Seek knowledge and wisdom, or whatever the vessel from which it flows, you will never be the loser.
– Prophet Mohammad (SWA)

Our Story

iEduNote.com is a blessing. It is the result of struggle, hard work of many days and nights. Still growing and expanding, despite having no capital.

I bought this domain in 2016.

But the iEduNote actually launched in 2011. Back then, this was a pet project hosted on Google’s Blogspot. I started publishing articles that I developed as notes for my Business School assignment. I was not a bright student in a traditional view. Grades were low and I was not at all motivated to do well in my studies.

At first; I just added 3 or 4 articles related to accounting principles. Then for a couple of months, I didn’t put any articles. When I checked the number of page views on the Blogspot dashboard, I was surprised.

People all around the world are viewing the articles. That motivated me to spend more time on the blog. So I did just that. This was around mid-2012. Then I was publishing articles quite regularly. This also helped me to get my grades up.

But my overall CGPA was not great as the damage was done in the first couple of semesters.

However, it didn’t demotivate me. The blog actually helped me to keep a positive attitude despite having poor CGPA and facing various financial and family problems.

In 2016; I decided to move from Blogspot to a properly hosted website. So bought this domain and starting to put more time and effort on this website. This helped me to gain technical skills like; SEO, programming, server management, alongside my business knowledge.

Now, this website gets a lot of traffic daily from around the world. 

I get lots of positive and creative feedback. Our future plan is to expand this website and add more quality educational content.

Thank you.

– Shadhin Kangal

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