5 Great Career Options in eCommerce

5 Great Career Options in eCommerceE-commerce is a fast-growing sector. It generates annual revenue of around $7.3 trillion, with $4.9 trillion of sales in the US during 2021. If you are considering building a career in the e-commerce sector, there are plenty of career options to choose from.

Why is E-Commerce Growing?

People are increasingly choosing to purchase goods online, and the Covid pandemic merely accelerated this. Not only is e-commerce more convenient, but it’s much cheaper to set up an e-commerce business, which makes it harder for traditional retail outlets to compete. E-commerce also offers consumers a much greater choice and they are not limited by geographic location – a consumer can purchase goods from China and have them shipped to the US for a relatively small amount.

Become an E-Commerce Entrepreneur

E-commerce businesses are scalable, which attracts budding entrepreneurs. If you would rather work for yourself than someone else, the e-commerce sector offers a wealth of opportunities. You can start small by building a shop on sites like eBay or open a larger e-commerce store on a platform like Shopify. Other than the cost of purchasing stock, there is relatively little risk involved.

As an example of how successful e-commerce can be, Umar Kamani built a fast-fashion e-commerce store called Pretty Little Thing and grew it into a business that generates $694 million in annual revenue, mostly by using social media to build a strong brand.

To understand the different e-commerce models, check the linked article.

SEO Specialist

SEO is crucial in any web-based business, and certainly for an e-commerce store. Smaller stores on sites like eBay and Amazon benefit from the increased visibility these vast behemoths boast, but some knowledge of SEO is still important. Without the right keywords and optimized product descriptions, as well as great images, customer reach will be limited.

An SEO specialist can be hugely beneficial for e-commerce stores and if you target this niche, you won’t be short of work. You can either join a large e-commerce business and work in-house, work via an agency, or act as a freelance consultant.

SEO Content Writer

E-commerce businesses, like any other business with an online presence, often use content marketing to build a solid brand. Content can include website copy, product descriptions, blog posts, guests posts for link-building, and social media posts.

This is an easy area to get into, as you don’t need any special qualifications, although an English degree is often helpful. Start by gaining experience in copywriting and then look for work with an e-commerce business, either as an in-house content writer or as a freelancer/agency writer.

Graphic Designer

E-commerce sites are primarily visual. If the site doesn’t look amazing, people won’t click on it and check out the products. Graphic designers in the e-commerce niche will work on digital graphics as well as offline marketing materials. You may be tasked with designing the logo and branding materials, the website, and as time goes on, have input into product imagery.

This is a job for creatives with graphic design qualifications and experience.

Customer Service

To be successful, e-commerce businesses need to focus on providing great customer service. Customers won’t come back if the service they receive is below par. In the age of social media, bad reviews carry a lot of weight, and people tend to pay attention when a brand generates a lot of angry reviews and feedback related to poor customer service.

Whether you work on the front line of customer service, handling calls, instant messages, and emails, or higher up in the chain as a customer satisfaction manager, your primary goal is to keep customers happy.

There are many other roles worth looking at, so focus on your area of expertise and look for the hottest companies to work for.

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