4s of Communication

4S’s of communication helps in making good and effective communication. 4S’s are; Shortness, Simplicity, Strength, and Sincerity. These are required for making to establish good and effective business communication.

An understanding of the 4 S’s is equally important a 7 C’s of communication. In this post, we will look at the 4 S’s of communication.

4s of Communication are;

  1. Shortness.
  2. Simplicity.
  3. Strength.
  4. Sincerity.

4s of communication


“Brevity is the soul of wit,” it is said. The same can be said about communication.

If the message can be made brief, and verbosity did away with, then transmission and comprehension of messages are going to be faster and more effective.

Flooding messages with high sounding words do not create an impact. Many people harbor a misconception that they can impress the receiver if they carry on their expeditious travails.

Little do they realize how much they have lost as the receiver has spent a major chunk of his time trying to decipher the actual meaning of the message.


Simplicity both in the usage of words and ideas reveals clarity in the thinking process.

It is normally a tendency that when an individual is himself confused that he tries to use equally confusing strategies to lead the receiver in a maze.

Reveal clarity in the thinking process by using simple terminology and equally simple concepts.


The strength of a message emanates from the credibility of the sender.

If the sender himself believes in a message that he is about to transmit, there is bound to be strength and conviction in whatever he tries to state.

Halfhearted statements or utterances that the sender himself does not believe in add a touch of falsehood to the entire.


A sincere approach to an issue is evident to the receiver. If the sender is genuine, it will be reflected in the manner in which he communicates.

Suppose there is a small element of deceit involved in the interaction or on the part of the sender.

If the receiver is keen and observant, he would be able to sense the make-believe situation and, business transactions, even if going full swing, would not materialize.

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