13 Movies that Will Make You Want to Study

15 Movies that Will Make You Want to StudyA wide choice of movies can easily confuse us to choose the correct one to spend our evening with.

Especially if your exams or final exams are coming and you want to have some relaxing time before passing them, but a little motivation will also make you more interested in studying.

Even the educational process does not include exams, and you work on your project by yourself, some movies can inspire in achieving personal goals.

Here you can find the proof for such a statement from research papers. So we prepare a list of good ones that will help you to motivate yourself do not stop.

13 films that will make you want to learn such things as persistence, willpower, and stubbornness during the educational process.

  1. The social network (2010)

It is an American movie based on the history of the success of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. His creation of Facebook was not so random or accidental.

It was also made with meeting some difficulties and problems, but seeing it now is the best evidence of the fact that persistence can win everything.

  1. Steve Jobs (2015)

This is an American drama about one of the most famous businessmen and technicians in today’s world Steve Jobs. A book also was written about this great person, so reading it before watching the film can help you understand it deeply.

  1. A desert flower (2009)

German film based on the biography of Waris Dirie, a real girl from Somalia who ran from home to become a model, actress, and activist in London.

Due to her beliefs against women’s mutilation, she was appointed the UN Special Ambassador. Nowadays, she lived in Europe and got Austrian citizenship.

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  1. The pursue of happiness (2006)

One of the most popular movies about strong, lonely father who chased the dream to be productive by selling medical scanners, but fortunately after a long period of failures found, or it is better to say, win the position in selling the company. The movie is worth seeing.

  1. Whiplash (2014)

American musical-drama directed by Damien Chazelle. Emotions are so high during watching this movie, that it is better to control them. The end is unexpected and happy.

  1. October sky (1999)

It is also an American film based on the biography of one minor’s son, who was inspired by Sputnik 1 rocket and decided to become a space engineer. Should I mention he eventually became a NASA one?

  1. Win yourself every day

On this beautiful planet, so many people suffer from disabilities, which can make them unwilling to study or even unable to do that.

Fortunately, some of them don’t stop training their skills and exercising their minds, so that we can browse a massive amount of geniuses and discoveries being made every year because of people who can win every day.

The ability to do everything freely is so ordinary that people forget to think about these valuable possibilities. Next, movies can remind us about the importance of appreciating the opportunity to study and achieving success in any condition of our lives.

  1. Hawking (2004)

The main hero suffered from motor neuron disease diagnosed in the early twentieth and continue his scientific work on discovering space and eventually started to find evidence that the universe has a beginning.

The scenes of his everyday life border with scenes of his love for Jane, his wife, and a lifetime friend. Hawking is a world-known professor, and this film reveals some details of his life and work.

  1. A beautiful mind (2001)

The film mostly based on the story of the life of John Nash, a famous Nobel Laureate in economics.

Some critics found divergences between the movie and his real life, but the truth was that he had schizophrenia and did not leave teaching in a university.

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  1. 10. Like stars on the Earth (2007)

Indian film about a small eight years old boy, who had dyslexia and was sent to boarding school because of his “illness.”

One young teacher found out what the matter with his bad marks and decided to help him in studying and treatment. The excellent film not only for students but also for teachers.

  1. Soul Surfer (2011)

Bethany Hamilton, a young girl who was bitten by a shark and could not surf for a while.

But her faith, persistence, patience, and passion helped her overcome injury and even take part in the competition with other people.

  1. The Blind Side (2009)

An American sports drama about an enormously high boy and plum, so he was laughed at during studying at school. After he adopted one wealthy family, his life changed completely.

  1. 13. My left foot (1989)

English comedy-drama about an Irish man who has cerebral palsy and can only control his left foot. Eventually, he became a writer and an artist, even though he had grown up in a low-income family.

Stay strong – Believe in yourself

No matter what other people think about your dreams, being healthy and confident will help you to relive all the problems and difficulties. These incredible movies can help you understand situations with a piece of humor on the verge of reality.

The American comedy and drama films ‘Drumline’ (2002) and ‘The hidden figures’ (2016) are also good examples for people who want to quit. ‘The Secret’ (2006) is a self-help film that can completely change your attitude to your thoughts, your dreams, and your action.

All movies mentioned before are full of stories of people of different ages, professions, statuses, and they all came from different countries and families.

The one thing they did – they did not quit learning and improving themselves.

Believing in ourselves is one of the most reliable tools to live happily and enjoy life. These films will make you want to learn such things as persistence, willpower, and stubbornness during the educational process.

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