Now You Can Have The Same WordPress Theme As ThisIsWhyImBroke

Now You Can Have The Same WordPress Theme As ThisIsWhyImBrokeThisIsWhyImBroke or TIWIB is making an internet sensation due to this site becoming a successful affiliate site. Its success story follows the unconventional path.

Instead of following suit to many other affiliate sites, this website innovated and dared to become different.

A usual way, an affiliate marketing website operates is to select great products that provide solutions to the problems and needs of your audiences and make a sale for your affiliate company.

ThisIsWhyImBroke, on the other hand, features novelty items and outlandish products to its audience and yet still goes on to become a wildly successful affiliate site.

Because of its success story, it’s no wonder why many individuals want to emulate the website. Several sites review the TIWIB website and its theme and also show how you can have the same theme as TIWIB.

Make your website.

If you have a background in IT or if you have training in web page design, you can use your free time to come up with a concept to replicate the same webpage theme as ThisIsWhyImBroke.

If you don’t have a background in IT, don’t worry, there are a lot of online tutorial sites that can help you create your website.

Just make sure not to make your web page look exactly like the original site to avoid problems with intellectual property. You can emulate cool and distinct features of the website and incorporate it into your own.

Since the web page that you are making is your own, you have the freedom to make improvements, modifications, and your customization of the website.

Have someone create your website

If money is not a constraint, you can request for a web designer to make you a website that is the same as ThisIsWhyImBroke. There are several web designers that you can find online, and most of them may demand a high fee. So, carefully choose a web designer that will make your web page.

You can request for the web page designer’s profile, portfolio, previous projects or designs, and many other factors.

Also, check if the website where you’ll be hiring a designer is reputable, and has no history of negative reviews or unsatisfactory jobs. If you have found a web designer, make it a point to remind the designer not to copy the website in any way, only the theme and features.

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Wiral WordPress Theme

Wiral WordPress themeSaving the best for last, online ThisIsWhyImBroke Theme reviews discovered an easy way to replicate the ThisIsWhyImBroke WordPress Theme through WordPress.

Several review sites The Wiral WordPress theme amazingly delivers the same type of layout and functionality as TIWIB. Another plus to using WordPress is its user-friendly features, making it easy to use and customize.

Going back to the Wiral theme, it has the same infinite scroll grid feature as TIWIB. It also has the “read more” button that redirects users to affiliate links.

Customization wise, you can take things up a notch and improve your page by providing additional links to product reviews where you can further improve your site’s organic traffic.

Getting inspiration from successful websites such as ThisIsWhyImBroke is the first step to being innovative and finding your success path. You can now have a website you can call your own and incorporate cool features from TIWIB and add your personal touch. To innovate and find your online success.

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