Why is a License Important in Finances?

Why is a License Important in Finances?When we talk about a license the first thing that comes to our mind is a set of regulations that legalize the activities of a particular entity. Licenses exist everywhere – in gambling, finances, legal sector, politics. When a license is available we are always inclined to start cooperating with different institutions.

Why does it carry so much importance in the financial sector? Of course, there is not only one reason that will make us think that a license is a solution to every problem, but considering the development of the Internet and other media sources, they became really important. Let’s have a look at why they are so necessary – especially in the financial sector.


You will never trust a company that does not have the right to operate within a particular industry. The license does grant that legitimacy to every entity. Nowadays, where everything has become so sophisticated and complex, it is necessary for financial companies to have a license so that users can be sure about their legitimacy. The latter is true for Forex brokers. The rapid development of Forex trading in the past years contributed a lot to the emergence of new brokerage companies. Because of that, it is necessary to register on a broker’s website that has a valid license. In this XM broker review for example we can discover that the broker is fully licensed and meets the necessary requirements that are pivotal to operate in the world of Forex.

Attracting People

The word “license” is frequently associated with trustworthiness and reliability. If we were to make research on this topic, the majority of customers would go for entities that have a valid license, that gives them rights to operate within a particular framework, where there are no problems and everything is arranged normally. As you will attract more people to your platform, the revenue will increase alongside too.


When you start to communicate with a specific financial company, the regulator ensures that in the case of misunderstanding and issues, there is someone you might appeal to. It could include problems with your balance, account, trading platform, etc. Regulators always set particular guidelines for brokers that are necessary to follow, in order to make sure they are safe to be dealt with.

How is the License Obtained?

Obtaining a license is not a simple process and could take even a month before the process is eventually finalized and fully completed. First of all, a company needs to prepare a special document where the information about the applicant will be included. Then there is a request for receiving the financial license. In some cases, brokers have several licenses available, when you find out more information about them. Different licenses have different advantages but mostly, all of them serve the same purpose.

Is a License 100% Guarantee of Safety?

While we have talked about the importance of a license above, the latter is not a 100% guarantee of safety. In the modern world and especially in the Forex industry, a lot of entities forge these documents and it may not be clear whether the brokerage firm is truly licensed or not. You can always enter the official website of a regulator and check the list of licensed companies. Normally, this info is publicly available. If not, contacting an issuer of a license might be a possibility.

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