5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Hire a Social Media Moderator

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Hire a Social Media ModeratorSocial media has become a staple ground of interaction and the virtual extension of entities. Its reach and users have grown exponentially over the past decade. And with communities physically isolated due to the covid pandemic, society’s reliance on social media has never been more magnified. Online platforms also became a convenient source of information, discovering things in a matter of few screen taps and altering lifestyles accordingly.

Being a melting pot of information and diverse personas, social media has naturally evolved into an effective business tool. Companies, both upcoming and established, use these platforms to promote and build their respective brands. They can now expand globally without establishing a physical foothold in the most remote of areas.

For instance, Carnivore Style, a top meat lifestyle site, is based in the US but has faithful readers all over the world. This is thanks to its social media accounts, which generate engagement by encouraging regular readers to post their insights and valuable feedback.

However, being social media savvy does not guarantee success for a brand. With endless competition using similar strategies, it all boils down to the content you generate, including those from your users. This can make or break your reputation. Hence, you will need a trained professional dedicated to this major responsibility – a social media moderator.

Who is a Social Media Moderator?

Every medium has a set collection of policies and guidelines to guarantee a healthy environment for its consumers. And social media moderators are the ones who handle and assess the suitability of user-generated content. Think of them as the online police or curators of content to maintain the company’s image.

They can be categorized into more specific roles. Social media managers check and moderate individually uploaded content. On the other hand, Community managers work with a slightly bigger scale, such as online communities and overall engagement. Then, you also have specialized moderators for each platform. They come in different forms ranging from text to video moderation. These tasks may appear simple on paper, but they add a lot of value to a business enterprise. So how does a social media moderator exactly benefit a company?

Ensuring Content Diversity

Ensuring Content Diversity

Social media moderation also lends a hand in curating a compelling online influence. You want your content to always be fresh and versatile while not straying away from your branding. Moderators help curate the content you churn out. They ensure a good balance of ideas so you can tap as many potential markets as you can. For instance, Carnivore Style’s brand is already consistent. Yet, its Instagram page continuously innovates by branching out into different related niches. The posts are not limited to diet and food. It also has tutorials on equipment and gear related to cooking meat. The diversity of your content keeps your readers interested and anticipating whatever you will post next.

Building A Community

Building A Community

As said earlier, there are guidelines to be followed on every platform. Social media moderators primarily guarantee that your users feel safe and accommodated within your online space. They will filter out explicit and questionable content and ensure that every response made is with thoughtful consideration. It will eventually lead to growing a community that stays loyal to your brand. A good example would be Twitter itself, which has grown to be a staple platform of discourse with over 206 million daily active users. With this much interaction, they had to outsource moderators that monitor and countercheck reports of unwanted content. This way, the process of suspension or any other course of action becomes fair.

Protecting Your Users

Protecting Your UsersWhen your online community has active engagement, it has more risk of getting unsuitable user-generated content. A single undesirable post can fend off and harm thousands of other users. All content formats, from text to pictures, must be monitored especially if you have a target demographic. Roblox is an online virtual gaming world aimed at young adolescents to teens. They cater to over 80 million players monthly. After an incident of sexual harassment encountered by a child gamer on the platform, Roblox decided to outsource content moderators. They now monitor and address toxic and harassing engagement among players.

Boosting Brand Awareness

Boosting Brand Awareness

Content moderation also increases traffic and conversion rates. This can be likened to product reviews. A happy customer experience warrants positive feedback on the platform. It affects new customers as existing reviews determine if they will pursue availing of the product or service. Likewise, a well-curated website with a user-friendly interface and appealing content gives you a better chance of a favorable review. As you get more positive feedback, it attracts more traffic and eventually more engagement. Search engines will deem the brand more relevant as engagements significantly rise. A wider presence will ultimately bring more paying customers. Hence, it is the moderator’s job to check the veracity of the reviews and feedback. Amazon, one of the most prominent e-commerce platforms, hired a separate agency for content moderation. Apart from screening listings and removing obscene content, they are also in charge of validating the authenticity and relevance of customer reviews towards the products.

Knowing Your Users

Social media moderation is not only limited to spotting undesirable content

Social media moderation is not only limited to spotting undesirable content. Having to screen through everything, moderators can also pinpoint similarities and behavioral patterns of your users. This gives you a collated perspective on how consumers respond to your products or service. You can also use these findings to formulate strategies and offers tailored to their behavior. For instance, the furniture and accessories shop, MADE, urges its customers to submit photos of their homes and post them on their site. It is primarily a way for them to build a loyal community with their customers. It is also a way to discover the typical styles and taste that their loyal customers have.

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