What Precisely Is Crypto-Tourism?

What Precisely Is Crypto-Tourism?Blockchain technologies can significantly transform the tourism sector. Its distinguishing characteristics, such as immutability, openness, programmability, including decentralization, empower novel organizational frameworks and processes and promote new types of inter-organizational cooperation.

While the high uncertainty of cryptocurrencies has increased investor fears, the blockchain and crypto business is discovering different ways to stay thrilling and appealing, mostly to the masses. Despite the latest drop in cryptocurrency valuations, there is no shortage of new-age millionaires that were early adopters of cryptocurrencies and are now reaping the rewards of strong crypto returns.

Crypto tourism has been emerging as the newest fad for those cryptocurrency fans, and travel companies worldwide are capitalizing to the fullest on the recent surge of excitement. Trading must only be done through the platforms which can assist you while trading. So, join platforms like Bitcoin Victory and take your trading to the next level.

What Exactly Is Crypto Tourism?

Several tourism agencies are offering unique, dedicated travel packages to meet the needs of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. The majority of such travel programs involve cruises, including a slew of perks tailored specifically to cryptocurrency participants.

\For example, Blockchain Cruises, arranged by Coins Bank’s tourism arm throughout Edinburgh, Scotland, has already hosted two major crypto tourism events. In September, they will embark on their third voyage, which will take them across the Mediterranean.

The five-day cruise would depart from Barcelona to Monaco, first to Ibiza, and afterwards back to Barcelona. With approximately 2,500 attendees predicted, more than half of the tickets priced between $1,000 and $3,000 have also been sold out, according to CoinDesk.

Who Benefits from Crypto Tourism?

The crypto rich and popular are the obvious target customers for such tours. What might be cooler than cruising across the Mediterranean, skiing in the Swiss Alps, or visiting the beautiful places of Singapore and Thailand like-minded enthusiasts?

Crypto tours and cruises provide seminars, exhibitions, and panel discussions on cryptocurrency-related topics, in addition to the regular enjoyable and sight-seeing events. The events often include influential speakers who are regarded as business stalwarts in the cryptocurrency as well as blockchain domains and who continue to be a big draw for cruise participants due to their industry perspectives.

For example, Coins Bank’s third cruise will feature crypto token promoter John McAfee, BTCC exchange creator Bobby Lee, and renowned investor and bitcoin cash activist Roger Ver.

A few of these crypto tours are arranged for particular reasons, such as promoting a lucrative initial coin offering (ICO). They welcome participants who take ICOs heavily and are often centred on a certain area buzzing with ICO action. The programs include seminars, lectures, and business talks by promoters, sector experts, and others and are targeted at an audience interested in making large investments in digital blockchain or cryptocurrency offerings.

For example, Israel, a leading venue for blockchain-based startups, has attracted many such enthusiasts through crypto tourism. Via such tour services, Innovation Experience, a tourism company entering the crypto room, is interested in supporting local ICOs as well as other blockchain startups.

Tours to specific locations, such as central Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley,” are part of the services. Any of the tours, for example, are focused on companies and investments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain room, which involve a series of conventions attended by “Crypto Valley-based founders, businessmen, judges, government leaders, and corporate citizens on the leading edge of crypto-innovation,” as well as a variety of networking opportunities.

Crypto Explorers, a well-known tour operator, promises to test applicants before granting them the dream trip. According to the Crypto Explorers website, “we compile an experience in which you engage, meeting top opinion leaders and participating in plenty of peer-to-peer exchange with other excited, enthusiastic, and experienced participants.” Crypto Cribs provides an Airbnb-like service for crypto-friendly lodging worldwide, intending to connect crypto-enthusiasts on their journeys.

The Potential Pitfalls

However, there are a few warning flags about crypto tours. With the cryptocurrency industry now running in a hazy, uncontrolled fashion globally, crypto tours are often suspected of serving purely as an advertising tool, sometimes used to pitch boring ICOs and irrelevant products to inexperienced attendees.

They are sometimes compared to casino junkets, in which dedicated flights transport a community of wealthy individuals to illicit gambling locations for a nice time, including gambling activities.

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