What Not To Do When Writing a Marketing Essay

What Not To Do When Writing a Marketing EssaySome people think that essays are only written by those taking on language-related courses. However, understand that this is a very misleading train of thought. The truth is that students are given essay writing assignments at every level of our education system. Everyone gets to write essays in school. It does not matter the discipline you are undertaking; you will get to write essays assignments.

Writing a marketing essay is no different from writing any other kind of essay. However, this does not mean that it is a simple undertaking. On the contrary, the creation of a high-quality marketing essay can be pretty challenging. This is mainly due to several reasons.

For a marketing essay to be considered top-notch, it not only has to be free of any grammatical errors, but it also needs to have a proper structure, and all the points therein have to be readable and free-flowing. Unfortunately, not all students possess all these writing skills. This is one reason why the creation of a marketing essay can be challenging for many students.

On the other hand, college is usually very hectic. Apart from attending several different classes, students will always get an assignment from each of these classes. Thus, they end up having a mountain assignment that they have to finish within a short time. Remember, essay writing requires one to conduct lots of research to collect enough material for the paper. This means that where a student does not have enough time to do so, it is tough for them to develop a quality document that will get them the high points they are looking for.

Another reason why creating a marketing essay becomes a challenge for most college students is that most of them look for side jobs to offset the high cost of living in college. While this does not make the actual marketing essay writing difficult, it eats upon the little time they have available to write their assignments, making it impossible to finish them before the deadline expires.

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When Writing a Marketing Essay

The essence of this paper is to point out some of the things you should avoid doing when writing your marketing essay to ensure that you create a high-quality paper. Some of these elements include the following;

Failing to Follow the Teachers Requirements

With every academic document you will write in school, there are those instructions the teacher requires you to follow when drafting your essay. These requirements might include the word count, formatting and citation styles, font and structure to use.

It is essential to understand that even where you include high quality and relevant material in your paper, failing to follow all these requirements to the letter will ultimately have you creating a low-quality essay in the eyes of your professors. Therefore, when looking to get that top mark, make sure to follow all the instructions given by the teacher with regards to the essay writing assignment.


Procrastination is something that affects most college students, especially freshmen. Due to the challenging nature of college assignments, the time frame within which they are to be completed might seem too long for someone who is not used to tackling these kinds of tasks. This is why you will find many students waiting until the final day approaches to start working on their marketing essay.

However, it goes without saying that this is a grave mistake. Remember, having many days to tackle your assignment should be a testament to the intricate nature of the project. Therefore, it is best to start on it as soon as possible so you can have ample time to tackle every stage of the essay writing process properly. Remember, rushing things will always result in the production of low-quality marketing essays.

Failing To Proofread

After following all the essay writing steps, it is easy to feel that the paper you have prepared is top-notch. However, understand that you are not done with the essay writing process if you haven’t proofread the document. Making mistakes is part and parcel of the marketing essay writing process. Therefore, you need to proofread the paper to eliminate any errors and ensure you submit a flawless report to the teacher.

Writing a Marketing Essay

Even though writing an essay might be challenging, it does not make it something you cannot do. In fact, professors ensure that every college task they send your way is something you can handle by yourself. Therefore, regarding marketing essay writing, avoid making mistakes, and you will be halfway there about creating a decent paper.

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