What makes Elite Currensea one of the most promising fintech startups?

What makes Elite Currensea one of the most promising fintech startups?The last decade has seen a huge shift where the worlds of finance and technology have started to merge. Currently, fintech, finance and technology, are becoming the leading, most sought after markets to operate in. According to Business Insider, the market value is expected to reach $305 billion by 2025. With this very expected metamorphosis, artificial intelligence and automated robots have become increasingly relevant and gained the attention of numerous individuals. Lots of companies are trying to dominate the fintech market by introducing various programs, innovative algorithms and services, but few succeed.

Top fintech startup

One of the most promising startups in this endless sea of fintech is Elite CurrenSea (ECS). Founded in 2014 by Nenad Kerkez and Chirs Svorik, this award-winning trading and education provider has introduced numerous innovative products and services that help people to excel in forex trading. After a merger with an industry player, the company is focused on money management and automated software development.

Company’s values and products

The company has made it clear that they value transparency which is one of the most important and highly demanded qualities in the world of financial services. ECS takes pride in the persistence of all of its operations and leads with innovation. After all, it is the dedication to the respective community, a company that has toured western Europe with seminars and has been awarded multiple times by myfxbook and UK Forex Awards, that got them where they are now. Chris & Nenad were the main brainpower behind the early day work related to different educational and market research pieces, as well as trading method books for people interested in financial trading.

Products and services

Elite CurrenSea got its footing in the Forex industry by providing manual trading systems and software, gradually pivoting towards money management and automated trading solution development. The company offers in-depth reviews on different software providers and brokers. The summaries include important information such as the pros and cons, pricing and statistics, which help traders to invest responsibly with higher confidence. On the other hand, ECS has also diverted into educational content, exploring relevant topics in fintech such as the forex market, bitcoin price volatility, numerous trading strategies and special tutorials as well.

In addition to educational information, Elite CurrenSea has also developed two fully automated Forex trading robots. Athena EA has been operating for about two years and with an average 8 to 25% monthly return, it has not closed a single month on a loss. If you’re interested, the live trading results are available on myfxbook. Zeus EA is another trading robot developed by ECS, which brings from 3% to 15% per month, depending on the market volatility.

As we already stated, fintech is one of the most competitive industries to operate in. New challenges arise on the regular basis and with external factors and unexpected changes in the market, it has become really challenging to succeed.

With a strong relationship with the community and extensive success history, Elite CurrenSea has major potential to be one of the leading top fintech companies in 2022.

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