What Is The BAR Exam: Everything You Need To Know About Passing The BAR

What Is The BAR Exam: Everything You Need To Know About Passing The BARThe BAR exam, or the Basic Assessment Requirement Examination, is a written test that people who would like to become licensed attorneys must pass.

It is an internationally recognized certification given to those who have obtained a Juris Doctor degree from an American law school and completed the required number of years as a practicing attorney in another country.

Passing this test is one of the requirements to sit for the Bar examination in any US state.

If you want to pass the bar, the following is everything you need to know:

How To Prepare For The BAR Exam

Preparation for the BAR exam is critical. Since the questions will be different from those you know, it is crucial to read and familiarize yourself with these types of problems to answer them without any issues.

To prepare yourself for this exam, you need to take simulated tests to see which areas you should concentrate on in your study plan. You can find BAR prep courses that will help you become properly certified. These courses usually contain simulated questions from past exams.

The Components Of The BAR Exam

The BAR exam includes five components. The first is the essays that are composed of two separate essay questions. Both are to be completed in 75 minutes, with each question worth 50% of your score.

The second part of the BAR exam is the logical reasoning section which includes 50 multiple choice questions with five potential answers for each problem presented. You have60 minutes to answer this section, with each question being worth 20% of your final score.

The next section is the machine code analysis which consists of 100 questions that are computer-based and have no time limit.

Each problem is also worth 20% of the final score. Next in line for this test is the multistate legal problems part that includes 30 questions followed by five potential answers.

The student also has 60 minutes to answer these problems, with each question being worth 20% of the final score.

The last part of your BAR exam is the multistate bar review which requires you to prepare bar examination materials that you think will help you pass this section successfully. There are 28 questions that you will need to answer within two hours. Each question is worth 10% of your final score.

BAR Exam Fees

The total fee to take the BAR exam is around $1,300. These fees include a single state bar examination fee and a registration fee that will allow you to register for all state tests in one month from the date of registration. If you decide to take this test in more than one geographical location or during different months, then there will be an additional fee for each month.

How To Find A Study Group And How It Can Help You Pass The BAR

Finding a study group is essential. Since you will be taking the BAR exam with people at the same academic level as yourself, it is best to share experiences and advice.

This sharing of ideas is beneficial, especially if you don’t understand concepts that your peers easily grasp. You can also help each other prepare for this test since you all have the same goal in mind to pass the BAR exam.

Knowing the components of the BAR exam will help you pass this test with flying colors if you are adequately prepared. Read more on bar review courses.

Take simulated tests to see which areas you need to study more about. Finally, familiarize yourself with the types of questions that may appear in your exam so you are entirely prepared.

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