What Drivers Do I Need to Update?

What Drivers Do I Need to Update?Drivers are one of the essential components to run the computer system. They are the link to connect hardware to the Operating System. Naturally, it becomes crucial to keep them updated with the latest version for the PC’s smooth running.

Since there are many hardware components and their drivers, it becomes difficult to know which drivers are essential to get updated to run the PC smoothly.

When you search on the internet, you will find many third-party driver updater software that provides the option for automatic updates. However, many of those are fake and potential malware gateway.

In this post, we would provide a list of top drivers that needs to be kept updated regularly so that your system runs evenly without any interruptions.

When to check for the System Driver Updates?

There are several conditions when updating the driver becomes a must so that the device keeps running in a good state. Here are the top situations to check for the driver updates:

  • Updating the Operating system: when you update the device to the latest version of the operating system or the new operating system, you must check for the driver updates. It might be possible that the new OS is incompatible with the current drivers. However, most drivers are updated along with the operating system. Still, you can check and find the ones that are not updated.
  • When you buy a new Device: it is common sense to check for the Operating System, Software, and Driver updates whenever you get a new device. Mostly the new devices are outdated.
  • New External Devices: when you add a new peripheral such as scanner, printer, fax machine, or others, always check for the latest driver updates for their proper functioning.

What Drivers Do I need to update?

BIOS Drivers

If your PC suddenly starts misbehaving and you face frequent hardware compatibility issues while working on the system, then there is a possibility that your BIOS drivers are outdated. For the proper functioning of the system, update the BIOS drivers as early as possible. You can check the availability of any new driver for your motherboard by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Display Drivers

For the full use of your high-resolution monitors, it is essential to keep them updated with the latest drivers. Updating the display drivers is not only necessary for the better viewing experience but also for maintaining the workflow. Usually, display drivers are automatically detected and updated by the OS, but you can manually check for updates from the Windows Device Manager option or the manufacturer’s official site.

Network card drivers

If you are facing trouble with the networks on your system, then it is time to update your system’s network card drivers. Updating the network card can also increase the reliability of the network drivers. Many times, along with the driver update, the manufacturer also provides the firmware update to solve the hardware compatibility issues.

Sound Drivers

Updating the sound drivers to its latest version is necessary for the best listening experience. Whenever you add a new audio device such as external speakers, Bluetooth headset, or other, their drivers need to be installed with the correct latest version. Updating the sound card drivers also fixes compatibility issues.

Printer Drivers

If its driver is not updated to the latest version, the printer on your system will raise the compatibility issues and stop printing. For proper functioning and maintenance, the printer driver must be upgraded regularly. The availability of any new update would be listed on the manufacturer’s official website, or you can also update it from the Device Manager.

Keyboard Drivers

Usually, the keyboard drivers are updated automatically with the Windows update. However, some external keyboards, especially when you use them on the laptops, need their drivers to be updated with the latest versions for the proper functioning.

Mouse Drivers

Like keyboard drivers, the mouse drivers are also usually updated automatically with the system updates. You only need to check for updates of the unique mouse that uses special buttons, wheels, and other features.

CD or DVD Drive Drivers

It is recommended to update the CD/DVD drive driver regularly as it would ensure there is no issue when you use the optical drive in any way. Updating the CD/DVD drive drivers would also improve its performance and resolve the common problems such as CD or DVD not able to read or write. Along with the driver update, there is also a firmware update that is required to update the region code on your CD/DVD drive. All updates should be available on the manufacturer’s website.

Modem Drivers

Updating the Modem drivers can significantly enhance internet speed and provides more reliability. Driver updates also upgrade the modem to support the latest standards, such as V.90, and fixes the hardware compatibility issues. When updating your modem’s firmware, verify you are using a correct firmware update that is designed for your modem.

Graphics Card Drivers

You must always upgrade the graphics card driver to its latest version so that there is no trouble accessing the high graphical contents such as high-end games, high-resolution movies, high-end video editing software, and others.

To solve hardware compatibility issues, custom hardware development may require.

Final Words

Regularly updating the Drivers, Operating System, and Applications of your device is necessary to resolve the compatibility issues, enhance the stability, and improve the system’s overall performance. The drivers listed in this post are the most important ones for the system. Always ensure that they are updated with their latest variants.

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