What Do You Do After a Motorcycle Accident? Hire a Lawyer!

What Do You Do After a Motorcycle Accident? Hire a Lawyer!Motorcycle accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute a rider is having the time of their life, and the next they are fighting for their life. Because there is very little protection for riders, motorcycle accidents may be deadly. Injured riders need to be aware of the reasons they should seek help from a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Serious Injuries Result From Motorcycle Accidents

While most riders wear motorcycle helmets, catastrophic injuries still result from motorcycle accidents. When riders face serious injuries, they need serious legal representation to ensure they receive the fair compensation they deserve. Contacting The Levin Firm allows injured riders the opportunity to protect their rights and receive sound legal guidance in the process of seeking compensation for their measurable damages.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately after a serious motorcycle accident, taking the right steps protects the victim’s rights and best interests. The following are some integral steps every injured motorcycle accident victim must take.

  • An injured rider needs to call 911 so the police can come to the scene of the accident and file a police report right away. Filing a police report documents the facts of the accident and ensures the victim has the contact and insurance information of the at-fault driver.
  • Injured victims also need to make sure they check for any eyewitnesses at the scene. If anyone witnessed the accident, the injured rider needs to seek the contact information of these people so they can testify if the case goes to court.
  • Seeking medical care right away is essential. The injured party needs to make sure they get medical attention, even if they are unsure of the extent of their injuries. While the victim’s injuries may seem minor, there could be serious internal injuries that are being masked by the symptoms of shock.

Get Help From a Lawyer

Before contacting the insurance company or signing any documents, injured motorcycle victims must get help from a lawyer. The average injured victim is ignorant of their rights and the laws that govern those rights.

Getting help from a lawyer allows individuals to receive sound legal guidance that will assist them in making decisions throughout the process of seeking fair compensation. An injury lawyer becomes an advocate for their injured clients.

Lawyers will immediately go to work on investigating the accident. The goal of the lawyer will be to gather as much evidence as possible. Evidence is highly important for ensuring the injured rider can prove liability and their measurable damages.

The lawyer will also begin negotiations with the insurance company. Strong negotiation skills hold insurance companies accountable for the money they owe. Should the negotiation process fail, the injured party has the right to seek a lawsuit but they need to be aware of the statute of limitations in their state, so they do not run out of time.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

Scheduling a consultation appointment is highly important for injured motorcycle accident victims. Often, these meetings are free for newly injured victims. At the consultation appointment, the injured victim will discover information on the rights they hold and the steps they will need to take as they pursue compensation.

Dealing with insurance adjusters and the healing process can be stressful for injured bikers. With help from a motorcycle accident lawyer, injured victims will receive the guidance they need for greater peace of mind and a possibly higher settlement amount.

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