What Can You Do If Your Insurance Claim Was Denied?

Optional Insurance Policies and Warranties

You would undoubtedly agree that sometimes you feel inundated with insurance and warranty offers in the mail, email, or phone. Most insurance agents sell insurance by instilling fear into potential buyers that things could get financially wrong if they do not buy the insurance.

Fear sells all types of insurance, and agents argue the “what if” scenario to you to get you to buy one more policy, “That you should not do without.” You are probably better off without these optional insurance policies.

For example, you decided not to buy a home warranty plan for your refrigerator. You hope that nothing happens to your refrigerator because if you cannot afford to buy the insurance, you certainly cannot afford a new refrigerator for at least a little while.

Even companies offering optional insurance and warranty policies have tactics to deny a claim you file. A few of these optional insurance and warranties are listed as follows: these policies are optional, and you could live without them, if for a little while.

What Can You Do If Your Insurance Claim Was Denied?

  • Home appliance insurance
  • Extended warranties
  • Car rental damage insurance
  • Flight insurance
  • Sewer and water line insurance
  • Credit card insurance
  • Unemployment insurance

Another piece of insurance that can be optional or required by law is buying flood insurance if you live in a flood zone. Otherwise, flood insurance is optional coverage on your homeowner’s policy.

While the cost of insurance and warranty policies may be minimal, they all add up and may not be necessary at this time if you are strapped financially.

Necessary, Essential, and Required by Law Insurance Policies

Some insurance policies are vital to your life. You have a choice if you want some of these insurance policies. You have a wide variety of options for the types of coverage you believe you need and can afford. It is a gross mistake to think you can put off having specific policies for another time down the road.

One of the top excuses is that you cannot afford specific insurance at this time. However, you cannot afford not to afford the premium. These necessary insurances generally carry high premiums.

These insurances are vital to your future or the laws of your lender or state who require you have them. You are placing significant risk on your financial future without them. A few examples are as follows.

  • Health or medical insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance is necessary but optional. However, monthly premiums rise the older you become.

Essential and sometimes required insurance is costly to buy and maintain. These insurance companies assure you they are here for you if you need to file a claim. They say they will pay you as promised if you keep paying your monthly premiums without fail. You never think for one minute that your insurance company is not going to pay for your claim. However, the question remains:

What Can You Do If Your Insurance Claim Was Denied?

All insurance companies use bad insurance tactics at one time or another to avoid paying you when you file a claim. You will find it a most difficult challenge to fight these insurance companies. They know all the tricks of the insurance industry, and they use these on many unsuspecting customers.

The bottom line is that you undoubtedly do not know what these bad tactics entail, but our seasoned attorneys do know, and they may be able to take on your case and win. They never take cases if they do not think you have the evidence to win an insurance denial appeal.

You can file a claim for payment if your car is damaged, your home is damaged, you need a medical procedure, dental or vision emergencies arise, and heaven forbid life insurance should you or a loved one die. These insurance policies pay us for minor mishaps to life-changing events such as a house fire or severe car accident.

You paid a lot of money for this policy every month so that it would cover you or your family in the event you needed to file a claim. You filed your claim, and the company denied the claim. Now, what do you do?

Never think that any insurance company or agents are your closest friends because they are not. Insurance companies never relish paying money to you unless they absolutely must, even though you faithfully paid your monthly premiums. You must make sure that you crossed every T and dotted every I when you file an insurance claim.

You pay your insurance premiums to protect you and your family from possible financial ruin. So, when an insurance company denies a claim, you wonder if you have any recourse.

There is Hope for You When an Insurance Claim is Denied

In the case of insurance denials involving a significant amount of money, you will need the services of a bad-faith attorney to help you fight for your rights. These skilled attorneys know all the trade tricks of insurance companies if they should deny a fair and just claim.

You have legal recourse, and you cannot win a fair settlement by fighting this battle on your own. We will represent you for any insurance claim denials. You must seek legal action to get the insurance company to pay you what you are entitled to receive.

Examples of Insurance Claim Denials

  • Vehicle Accidents

Car insurance companies are notorious for denying customer claims. One of the biggest excuses for denial is that you could have avoided the accident.

Your company is likely to say they are not paying you for medical costs because you had pre-existing conditions. Some companies try to tell you that after reviewing your emergency medical report, the doctor says you were not injured.

  • Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance is critical to have and maintain. Lending institutions that loan you money to buy your home require homeowners’ insurance. If you do not show proof that you have this insurance, the lender is likely to buy forced insurance for you, and the premiums are much higher. If your home should burn down tomorrow, the lender wants to make sure they get their money. One of the biggest reasons insurance companies deny claims is that they say that this damage was because you did not care for the property and were negligent in your duties.

  • Health Insurance

Many individuals go without health insurance, and the biggest reason is that most health insurance policies are expensive. Many cannot afford to pay the high monthly premiums for poor coverage. The better the coverage, the higher the premium. Those who pay the premiums only hope that the company pays them when they need to file a claim. Filing a medical insurance claim means that you possibly have a medical crisis on your hands. You need to focus on recovery, not the denial of claims.

The top reason health insurance claims are denied is that companies say that you did not get a pre-authorization for treatment. Another reason is that you missed a deadline when filing your claim. There are many steps you must take when filing an appeal. You must know how insurance companies operate, and it takes a lot of your time. It is best to have an attorney handle the denial.

Time is of the Essence in the Appeals Process of Denied Insurance Claims

Our expertise is to help with a denied claim. Handling any insurance denial is tricky and complicated, and without a seasoned attorney with expertise in insurance denial claims, you have little chance of winning your appeal.

Make your monthly premiums pay off by making your insurance company pay for a legitimate claim. When denials happen, it is unacceptable. No worries, you are not alone in this scary process; we can help.

We offer a free consultation to review your case, and we understand your legal options. Give us a call as soon as possible if you face a denial of your insurance claim. The bottom line of all insurance companies is money. They do not want to pay any claims unless necessary, and if they can get out of paying you, they use many different tactics.

It is grossly unfair that these insurance companies mistreat you. You will only win your claim through a seasoned attorney whose expertise is insurance claim denials.

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