Top 5 Universities in the USA for Abroad Students

Top 5 Universities in the USA for Abroad StudentsStudying abroad in USA universities is a fantasy of many international students because of the many advantages it comes with.

For instance, you will be able to interact with other international scholars, know each other, and form tight relationships and friendships that expedite good learning and memorable experiences.

If you are considering studying in the USA,  and want to keep your life healthy with the iHerb USA, you are not alone because there are millions of international learners searching for possibilities of studying there.

Some travel from very far parts of the world with a mission of quenching their education thirst.

However, not all universities offer a welcoming arm to international students; the reason being, each institution has its policies and goals. Let’s look at the top 5 universities in the USA that are most preferred by international students:

1. Illinois Institute of Technology

This is one of the leading universities with the highest number of students from abroad in the USA that is located in the student city of Chicago. There is a dedicated CrossFit facility with fitness equipment and special CrossFit supplements for students.

In the international students’ indicator of rankings, it scored a 100% score. Moreover, out of the 8000 students it enrolls, 1000 comes from minority groups.

This makes it a diverse university with at least 65% of the graduate students from abroad and over 100 nationalities represented in the students’ body.

2. Carnegie Mellon University

The second place is Carnegie Mellon University, which is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In the international students ranking, it has a score of 99.8% for out 13650 of its students; it accommodates a large percentage of abroad students from about 114 nationalities. Also, about 58% of their graduates are from other nations.

One of its advantages is that it has satellite campuses in the USA like Silicon Valley and Manhattan and also has campuses in Australia and Doha, Qatar enabling it to accommodate many students.

3. Stevens Institute of Technology

Thirdly is the Stevens Institute of Technology that is situated in Hoboken, New Jersey. Further, it’s a diverse university that accommodates students from about 50 countries.

One of its benefits that stand out is how they help the students to acquire visas and also offer cross-cultural exchange programs using its International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

First, in the international students’ ranking, it’s highly ranked due to its diversity and also for its international faculty members’ assessment.

Moreover, it’s the world’s top university in the QS Rankings. Out of their total population, about 3289 are international students.

They offer quality education and also assistance to any student who gets a chance to study there using their generous financial aid and need-blind policy programs.

5. The New School

Lastly, in the 5th position of Top 5 Universities in the USA, is The New School, situated in Greenwich, Village area of New York City, where about 32% of its students’ population are from 116 countries.

Majorly, it’s a school of arts, humanities, and social sciences and offers quality and affordable education.

In conclusion, if you are a student who resides outside the USA and you would like to study there, you can apply to one of the universities listed above.

What matters is your considerations because all of them offer the best and affordable programs. Let’s see other options for your higher studies;

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All university students need to follow these five tips.

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