Top 4 Project Management Hacks You Need to Know

Top 4 Project Management Hacks You Need to KnowFor many people out there, effective project management is a huge part of their job. Even if your job title doesn’t contain the words ‘project manager’, everyone has a list of tasks and responsibilities they need to complete and manage. So, what happens if project management isn’t exactly your strong point? What if you’re really struggling to get yourself organized and stay on track? Is there a way to improve your project management skills?

The great news is that there are a number of project management hacks that are not only effective but relatively easy to adopt in your everyday work life. In fact, you may just find that some of them can be applied to your at-home life to help you be more productive there as well. So, here are four project management hacks to start using right away.

Learn to Prioritize

Another useful hack is to learn how to prioritize your tasks. There is no doubt that some projects and individual tasks are more important than others. Also, some need to be completed first in order for you to then move on to the next stage of the project. This is exactly why you need to prioritize, as it will make better use of your time and help you to be more efficient overall.

For beginners who aren’t used to prioritizing, it can be helpful to take the list approach. Write everything you need to accomplish down on a piece of paper, shuffle it around to prioritize it, and then you can move things as necessary.

Use a To-Do List

This hack goes hand-in-hand with prioritizing, as you can take all that information you just prioritized and enter into a to-do style list. As you work your way through the items, you can check them off or cross them out, giving you an instant visual of what you have left to do.

While you can use a piece of paper and pen for a traditional style list, you may instead want to check out the various list-style apps that ensure list-making is much easier. Many of these apps even give you the option to share your list with others.

Start Syncing Your Calendar

One of the best ways to stay on top of all your projects is to be aware of what is due today, and what is coming up in the days, weeks, and even months ahead. That is exactly why a calendar is such an important tool to get in the habit of using. But a calendar is so much more than just a place to write down due dates, tasks, and projects; you can also export that information to be used in smart ways.

Syncing Google Calendar with Google Sheets gives you the ability to streamline your workflow, access more information in one place, and even use it for time tracking if you like. The information you sync can also be shared with other employees, again streamlining processes and data.

Try to Stick to One Project at a Time

Whenever possible, it’s also a good idea to stick to one project at a time. Make sure you get through one before moving on to the next project. This helps to keep you organized, on schedule, and focused. When that project is complete, you can shift gears and re-focus for the next project.

Start Managing Projects Like A Pro

By using each of these hacks, you’ll find that you are able to start managing projects just like a pro and stay on track and focused.

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