Top 5 Hacks to Write an Essay Using the Best Paraphrasing Tool

Top 5 Hacks to Write an Essay Using the Best Paraphrasing Tool

Students always look for shortcuts and easy hacks to write high-quality essays and the good news is that we get the best ones to share. If your writing style needs some lift-up and serious restructuring, the best paraphrasing tool can help.

A free and cutting-edge paraphrasing tool such as can be a game changer when it comes to writing the best essay.

From facing the worst blank page paralysis to drafting an outline to start writing with a consistent flow, this paraphrasing tool will improve your grades and save you time.

In this article, we will see how the best paraphrasing tool can help in writing an excellent essay.

So, let’s get started!

1. Generate a quick overview to jumpstart the process

There is no doubt that beginning a project, let alone an essay, can be challenging for students. This is probably because they either procrastinate out of habit or lack confidence in their essay writing abilities. offers the latest feature to create a quick overview of longer essays so that you can easily evaluate the sources.

It helps you find a comprehensive source to refer to for your entire essay, or provides you with portions of interesting material to include in your essay.

A brief overview of the detailed essays will help you sort and select only the relevant essays without wasting much time and brain power.

All you need to do is to use any of its paraphrasing modes, copy-paste the complete essay and click on ‘Generate Overview’.

Top 5 Hacks to Write an Essay Using the Best Paraphrasing Tool

It condenses the entire essay to its main points so that you can quickly and easily evaluate, compare and digest the long essays.

Besides, you can also use the Summarizer tool for the same purpose.

This, of course, reduces the time spent on research and you can directly start the next step – writing.

2. Bust the writer’s block with Essay Generator

Nothing stings worse than writer’s block. After all the research work (finding and sorting sources) is done, you feel blank and stuck. If you do not know how to get started, can help you get back on track quickly thanks to its latest Essay Generator Tool.

Its AI-driven essay generator helps you get something on the page. All you need to do is write the first introductory sentence in the input field, select the essay form and the rest of the essay will be generated with just one click.

Top 5 Hacks to Write an Essay Using the Best Paraphrasing Tool

It creates the essays sentence by sentence by providing a list of sentences to choose from. Compare the sentences and choose one that fits better with the previous sentences to make your essay flow better.

3. Try different paraphrasing modes provides different paraphrasing modes to rewrite sentences and complete essays in different ways. Use these modes for writing essays and you will never feel overwhelmed again when formulating your ideas.

If you are not satisfied with your written sentences but do not know how to phrase them differently, this tool can help you. It’s your best buddy that encourages you to rewrite sentences in a tone that fits your essay.

Use the Text Improver Mode to freshen up your text and make it easier to read and smoother. As the name suggests, it only improves the quality of the text you enter, without changing the sentence structure or writing style.

try different paraphrasing modes

When you want to paraphrase an idea but mask it as a human-written essay, Near Human Mode is for you.

paraphrase an idea but mask it as a human-written essay,

Do you want to write your essay without plagiarising? You can use Plagiarism Remover Mode to stay away from duplication issues.

plagiarism remover mode

Use Creative Mode to give your thoughts a creative makeover. It will rewrite the entire text by making drastic changes in words, phrases, and sentence structures.

creative mode

The Academic Mode is specially designed for students to paraphrase academic papers. Said that it is just perfect for essay writing.

academic mode

If you find it too difficult to choose a paraphrasing mode, opt for Sentence Rephraser Mode. It helps you rewrite the essay sentence by sentence and gives you several options to choose from, so you do not have to depend on a particular tone and style.

sentence rephraser mode

So, offers several ways to help you formulate your thoughts. It is best to look at the examples above and choose one. We have used the same text for all modes to help you choose one.

Double-click on spun words and see a drop-down list of synonyms and definitions to include accordingly.

This brings you to another common, related problem you should avoid…

4. Avoid repetitive words and phrases over and over

Using the same words over and over again is a common practice that we all know makes essays seem boring and uninspired. The reason for this is a weakness in language, an inefficient vocabulary, or difficulty with word comprehension.’s paraphrasing modes help you find synonyms of overused words and phrases. Tap on a word and see the drop-down thesaurus to find a suitable alternative word.

avoid repetitive words and phrases over and over

Besides, this smart feature also provides the definitions of complicated words to help you understand their context.

5. Check if the titles are relevant

When writing an essay, headings and subheadings play an important role in keeping arguments and statements on the same page.

Each paraphrasing mode of generates the correct and most relevant heading for the entered material. This way you can make sure that your essay flows in the right direction and that your statements are clear.

When you are done writing, copy your entire essay and paste it into one of the modes and check whether the title is relevant or not. If you have other subheadings in the essay, try plugging the material written under each subheading and see the result.

check the titles are relevant

Alternatively, you can use titles created with this tool if the existing titles were clunky.

Final thoughts

Essay writing can be challenging no matter how you approach it. But not anymore!

With the best paraphrasing tool, writing an essay is a breeze. So the next time you sit down to write an essay for your assignment or homework, take the help of We have compiled the 5 best hacks for writing an essay with this AI tool so you can make the most of your essay writing time.

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