Top 6 Crypto Apps for Android

Top 5 Crypto Apps for AndroidCryptocurrencies have been one of the key investing options for many investors over the last few years. Any individuals have achieved tremendous financial gain through engaging in digital currencies.

So, when the value of bitcoin boomed from about $950 to over $20,000 in the latter part of 2017, it caused quite a stir in the financial environment. Since then, more individuals have joined the crypto ecosystem to earn income.

This is a fantastic chance for developers, innovators, and crypto-based businesses to have various outlets for gaining access to digital currencies. In this post, I will discuss some popular cryptocurrency applications for Android but if you use other platforms, then visit to learn more just get your match.

Top Crypto Applications for Android

The applications mentioned below will include useful details regarding cryptocurrencies, one can easily download most of them for free, whilst others charge a fee for their services.

  1. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is a useful tool for cryptocurrency consumers. This finance software displays the prices of various cryptocurrencies. That you can quickly assess your savings, it also has an advanced function that alerts you whenever the cost point hits a crucial threshold.

There are over 800 digital coins mentioned on the website, and every digital currency has its page where you can learn more about it. Besides, the news column can keep you updated with new developments. The software is completely free to download, and this is among the digital currency applications for understanding and trading.

  1. Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet is among the popular mobile virtual currency wallets. This type of wallet is designed for bitcoin and includes a plethora of functionality, along with more than 22 currency conversions. This platform allows you to reimburse in bitcoins, as well as transfer and receive bitcoin. The software has high-security capabilities such as two-factor verification and can be protected with a Code.

Certain features of the software include a QR code, different languages, and anonymity. The wallet is secure, and the application is open source. Furthermore, the interface’s structure and configuration are obvious and easy to comprehend.

  1. CryptoWake

CryptoWake is a one-of-a-kind blockchain software with a variety of functionality. Some of the functionality provide crypto analysis, market statistics, and other relevant business notifications—this app’s displays the date and period, as well as media settings and alerts.

This software, on the other hand, is designed for gadgets with AMOLED screens.  Or else, it rapidly lowers the battery. Through this tool, you can conveniently watch the prices of various cryptocurrencies. It is straightforward, safe, and quick to use. The application is freely accessible and has a variety of premium features worth up to $6.

  1. Coins Stats

Coins Stats has become one of the top cryptocurrency market monitoring applications. It tracks the prices of over 3100 currencies from various exchanges. This application helps you to build your portfolio by connecting various exchanges or accounts to the app.

Furthermore, the software provides you with various functions such as market notifications, portfolio sharing, weekly reminders, cryptocurrency news, etc. The consumer interface is simple, tidy, and easy to use. The free version has few options; you can upgrade to the premium features for about $6 a month or even sign up for yearly subscriptions.

  1. Delta

In comparison to the previous cryptocurrency, it is a modern variant of virtual currency. This is ideal for constructing an investment account since it contains over 2900 currencies. Delta helps you track market statistics, connect various currencies to an observing list, and get price updates.

The application even supports Coinbase and a few other fast-syncing crypto wallets. Again, this version has certain advanced functionality that the other versions do not.  However, the software is not available for free; you must pay $8.5 a month or $49.00 for a yearly membership. Try this app if you really are passionate about digital currencies.

  1. SevenB

7b is a crypto trading app developed by the team with ten years-long experience in the crypto industry. Using 7b you can trade with more than 2.000 pairs. Your trades are always protected by cutting-edge security protocols.

SevenB main advantages:

  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Lightning fast transactions
  • High security standards
  • Smart and professional 24/7 support team
  • Transparent commissions
  • High liquidity for all the pairs


There are several other cryptocurrency applications for Android devices, but the ones mentioned above are the strongest in the user interface, pricing, and functionality. If you’d like to get quick exposure to trading techniques for the crypto industry, go to the green profit systems.

Get any of the applications mentioned above to get the most recent reports, data, case, and price notifications to empower you to make smarter trading or financial choices. Note, you cannot ever take a gamble that you cannot manage, so think about your financial position before investing in the business and taking measured risks.

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