Top 9 Best Math Learning Platforms for Kids

Top 9 Best Math Learning Platforms for Kids

Education has evolved over the last few decades. The digital age has ushered in a variety of edtech tools that have helped to shape the modern classroom. Consequently, we now have many educational apps and math websites for kids.

On the one hand, one might say that parents are now spoiled for choice.

However, we know that beneath this abundance, an important question lurks; what are the best math programs for elementary students?

As a parent, the hunt for the best learning platform is akin to Goldilock’s visit to the bears’ home. Some learning platforms might be too complex, while others might be too simplistic.

The “just right” platform is one that strikes a balance between following a standard curriculum and user-friendliness.

To help narrow your search, we’ve searched far and wide and collated a list of your kid’s best math learning platforms.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks.

What Are the Best Math Learning Platforms for Kids?


If you’re looking for the best math programs for your kid, Brighterly is an excellent choice. This edtech platform was designed to boost math learning and help children love the subject.

With math anxiety affecting a significant percentage of the world’s population, we need learning platforms like Brighterly to combat this plague and raise math geniuses.

So what does Brighterly do?

For starters, this edtech platform utilizes play-based learning to teach mathematical concepts.

According to experts, game-based education has proven useful in helping students assimilate concepts and retain knowledge. Thus, Brighterly utilizes this innovative approach to learning and nurtures math geniuses.

It also offers an adaptive curriculum to ensure that each student’s learning needs are met.

This means that while Brighterly’s curriculum meets US educational standards, it’s often adjusted to ensure that kids learn what they need depending on their learning style, needs, and goals.

It’s also important to note that Brighterly’s tutors have years of experience and the right academic qualifications.

Thus, you can rest assured that your child will get the high-quality education they deserve.

What we love about Brighterly: Brighterly offers a free demo session where parents can sit in on a math class for free.

Subsequently, you can choose from its different subscription plans if you love the demo session. With all these perks, it’s no wonder that this learning platform is at the top of our list.


Have you ever heard of Prodigy Math? Like Brighterly, this is another math learning platform that utilizes game-based learning.

Prodigy is a curriculum-aligned math game rapidly gaining popularity among educators, parents, and kids. This educational game is based in a fantasy world and offers content on just about any major math content you could think of.

Designed for kids in grades 1-8, Prodigy also covers up to 1500 different math skills. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

In this game, kids compete in math duels against tough game characters. To win the contest, they’ll have to answer sets of math questions. But that’s not even the best part yet.

As a teacher or parent, you can customize these questions to align with the class topic and keep them on track.

What we love about Prodigy Math: Although Prodigy Math offers many benefits, one of its most outstanding features is its reporting tools.

With this platform, you can get progress reports and usage reports. Subsequently, you can use your child’s data to identify their problem areas and measure their progress so far.

Elephant Learning Math Academy

Do you want your child to learn more math concepts in less time? If so, Elephant Learning Math Academy is the right platform. This platform makes a pretty bold claim on its website, stating that it helps kids learn one year of math in 3 months if they use it for about 30 minutes per week.

Sounds audacious. However, according to reviews, elephant Learning has undoubtedly lived up to this claim.

Like Prodigy, this learning platform offers regular progress reports to keep you in the loop and let you know what your child is working on at each point. However, although it says its curriculum was scientifically engineered, Elephant Learning Math Academy isn’t entirely curriculum-aligned.

What we love about it: Before your kid can learn math online, Elephant Learning tests their “Elephant Age.” kids above the age of 5 write a placement exam designed to ascertain their level of understanding. This way, the curriculum is adjusted, and they learn within their class.


Although educational math programs are great, most of them cost a significant amount of money. Thus, many parents often look towards more affordable options.

If you’d like your child to learn math without breaking the bank, CK-12 is an excellent option worth considering. This California-based non-profit organization was created to make learning more accessible for kids.

Thus, when your child signs up to this platform, they immediately gain access to a wide range of free lessons and learning resources in STEM subjects.

What’s more, CK-12 makes learning more straightforward as it breaks down resources into small, digestible chunks such as flashcards and video lectures. This way, kids can learn faster and retain everything they’ve learned.

Khan Academy

Have you ever heard of Khan Academy? This is one of the most popular math learning platforms on the web. It calls itself a “global classroom,” and this is an apt description from all indications. Khan Academy provides math learning resources for kids of all ages.

This platform allows your kid to access practice exercises and fun instructional videos. Khan Academy also has an offshoot platform, Khan Academy Kids, designed for younger learners.

What we love about Khan Academy: Learning should be accessible for everyone, regardless of financial circumstances. Fortunately, Khan Academy is free; thus, you don’t have to break the bank to help your child learn math.

Adapted Mind

Adapted Mind is an excellent math learning platform that hosts a comprehensive math curriculum with over 15000 educational videos. This handy platform is excellent for parents and teachers as it offers reporting tools to help you keep track of your child’s progress.

Adapted Minds also offers a free one-month trial for kids. This means you can get a taste of the whole experience before making any financial commitment.

Coolmath Games

If you’re looking for a site that offers education and fun in one package, this math learning platform is the one for you.

As the name implies, Coolmath Games is your one-stop hub for all math games that will help your child learn new concepts and practice what they’ve learned. However, it’s not entirely suitable as a standalone math learning tool.

Math Learning Center

Math Learning Center is a platform designed to help kids in Pre-K to Grade 5 develop math skills and build their confidence.

It hosts a wide range of educational resources, and for the homeschooling parent, it’s just what the teacher ordered.

The Bottomline

Finding the best math learning platform for your kid is certainly no walk in the park. However, this list will serve as a handy guide throughout your decision-making process.

If you’d like a personalized learning experience where you’ll get the most value for your money, Brighterly is the best option for you. However, if you prefer something different, the other programs on the list are great alternatives!

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