Top 5 Most Nerve Racking Experiences Ranked

College is one of the most exciting times in our lives.

For many, it is something that they have been dreaming about for years, and now it is finally time to leap.

That, however, puts a lot of pressure on the experience when the time comes.

While college itself is a fun, unique, and life-changing experience, the moments leading up to this can be some of the most stressful, as you will be doing new things, making big decisions, and playing a not-so-fun waiting game.

To help prepare you for what’s about to come, we’ve decided to give you our list of top 5 most nerve-racking experiences, so you will know what to expect.

1. Taking the SATs

Preparing for college can be more stressful than college itself. The first step is no exception: taking your SAT exams.

Sure, it’s just another exam, except not really, because it is the exam; it is the exam that every college you apply to will look at and judge you upon.

This exam has the potential to make or break your college career; talk about stress! It’s no doubt students are so anxious both while preparing for the test and while waiting to hear their scores.

2. Choosing A Program

Of course, choosing what field you want to work in for the rest of your life is nerve-racking. Forever is a long time, and at 18 years old, I don’t think any of us know ourselves well enough for this to be an easy question.

3. Your College Interview

College interviews are just another necessary evil – a lot of rides on these interviews. The best way to get through a conversation without having a complete nervous breakdown is to practice, practice, practice!

Know what to expect and prepare your responses ahead of time.

4. Leaving Home

While leaving home and moving in with a roomie is typically something most people can’t wait to do, it can also be a lot more nerve-racking than anticipated.

You may be moving across town, or you may be moving across the country. Either way, you will be surrounded by new places, new people, and new things, which is enough to give anyone a little anxiety.

5. First Day of Classes

Your first day of classes is sure to be a mix of both excitement and nervousness as you get your first taste of what your next four years will look like.

The fact that you have only 8 minutes to find your way across campus to your next class is sure to cause a little anxiety.

You may be slightly overwhelmed by the fact that your lecture has a few hundred other students in it, compared to your high school classes of 25.

And you may be feeling that your full 5-course load may be too much for you to handle from the get-go. You’ll Be Fine!

Don’t let these nerve-racking experiences take the fun out of the beginning of your college career; don’t sweat the little things and remember to have fun!

You will (most likely) only have these experiences once! You need to follow five tips for university students.

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