Tips to Boost Ecommerce Project’s Efficiency

Tips to Boost Ecommerce Project’s EfficiencyEcommerce entrepreneurs want their stores to grow, but one cannot predict when a stagnant period is going to strike. Economic growth will not last forever, and when things are rough, brands that have made the best with the resources they had will stand strongest.

If you feel like you have not done enough to improve the efficiency of your business and would like to prepare now, here are some great tips.

Tip #1 – Streamline Order Fulfillment

Surviving in the world of ecommerce alone is difficult. You need partners, and suppliers who provide products are your biggest allies. Some ecommerce stores are seeing success because they have an excellent supplier behind them.

A lot of people consider price to be the deciding factor when choosing the supplier. That is not always true. Scalability, convenience, management, integrations, and even international shipping all play a prominent role in determining which suppliers are good and which are not.

Printify is an example of an excellent supplier. You can start an online business with print on demand on Printify. The platform offers over 250 different products and more than 90 printing facilities across the world.

Look for someone that offers perks and help with growing the business rather than holding you back.

Tip #2 – Evaluate Your Delivery System

evaluate ecommerce delivery system

The delivery time is one of the first things that customers look at when they are shopping online. If it takes too long, then it is highly likely that they will look for an alternative store.

But the delivery does not end with turnaround time. What about delivery options? Do the packages reach the doors of the customer, or they need to take them from a post office or another location?

Tip #3 – Write a Blog

It may not seem like a blog has a place on an ecommerce website, but it is quite the opposite. There are a few reasons why you should regularly update your website with well-researched blog articles:

  • Interesting content like this is another reason for people to visit your site.
  • Optimized articles improve SEO rankings and allow you to be higher on search engines.
  • Researched articles raise brand awareness and establish you as an authority in the industry.
  • Blogging gives an opportunity to get backlinks on authority websites. You have credentials as a writer, and it is much easier to get a chance to get a great backlink when you have a solid portfolio of well-written articles.

Tip #4 – Optimize Your Website

After you launch the website, be sure to have it up to date. Be on the lookout for new plugins that can automate some processes. And make sure that mobile users have no problems navigating the site.

Tip #5 – Improve Customer Support

improve ecommerce customer support

Customer support is a cornerstone of a successful business. The lack of staff to respond to multiple emails, messages on social media or live chat on the website will create a lot of problems. And if you are struggling to find the right people to work in customer support, consider looking at other available options.

More and more businesses are starting to give chatbots a go. The technology is still not advanced too far, but the next few years can make a difference. Chatbots cannot replicate genuine human interactions, but they are available 24/7 and respond immediately.

Tip #6 – Raise Brand Awareness

The longevity of a brand depends on whether people will be able to identify the name of your business. A positive word of mouth will do you a world of good. After all, recommendations from friends or family are worth more than seeing an advertisement in a street or online.

Retaining your best customers ought to be one of the priorities. Consider creating a customer loyalty program where you send out special discounts or personal recommendations to those who have spent the most on your products or services.

Tip #7 – Advertise on Multiple Channels

Expecting customers to visit the website out of thin air is a waste of time. You will need to create a marketing campaign that will bring customers from different channels.

Start with search engine optimization. SEO is great for organic traffic, which is worth more given that visitors come after typing keywords relevant to the products and services you offer. And they have intent to buy, unlike someone who stumbles upon your site randomly.

Growing social media channels is also a must. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms offer the opportunity to interact with the customers directly, organize contests and giveaways, work with influencers, and run ad campaigns.

Advertising brands on YouTube will also be beneficial. There are a lot of reviewers that have a decent number of subscribers and will be more than happy to cooperate with you.

The bottom line is that you need as many different channels that will bring in visitors daily. More visitors mean more money.

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