Tips for your E-commerce marketing strategy to boost sales!

Tips for your E-commerce marketing strategy to boost sales!2020 has given online shopping a new way, that is this year has been the year of online shopping. Everyone tried to avoid brick and mortar stores and ordered products online as they found this method more comfortable as you one could sit, relax, have coffee, and shop.

However, in digital marketing, the strategies which you applied to increase sales a few months back will not be beneficial in bringing result after a few months. As a marketing strategist, one has to update his or her knowledge with new inventions, adjust fast, be aware of all the latest trends, and most importantly come up with innovative ideas that are not used by many marketers.

Whether you are new in the e-commerce market or working for long, you need to build trust and retain them so that you could bring the potential crowd. In this article, we have tried to familiarize you with some of the major e-commerce marketing strategies that you could use for increasing your sale and taking your business to the heights of success.

Let us review a few strategies that you can use in the marketing plan to help boost your sale-:

  1. Put in deeper content personalization -:

According to a survey done by Accenture, it was said that 91 percent of customers are willing to buy from the companies that provide relevant and exciting offers. This means that content personalization has a direct impact on customer’s buying decisions.

You can do this by collecting information on user’s behavior. For, this the ecommerce brands could keep a track of the pages the uses frequently visit, which items they prefer, and how often they buy the same.

Even e-commerce brands could integrate online polls or questionnaires, to ask store visitors a few additional questions. Once you are done with data collection, you can analyze and decide which elements you need to customize to attract the users.

  1. Retargeting needs to be done -:

Irrespective of how many good products you have, there would be some reason that is stopping the buyers to go to the purchase button. Either it could be the high price or extra shipping charge.

This is one of the simplest yet effective marketing strategies that you can use by running retargeting ads on different platforms.

This way you will be reminding the buyers of the products they viewed and drag them to the checkout process.

  1. Website Optimization with lively images & Contents -:

Website optimization is often mis-interpreted. Though SEO is a part of the website of optimization, however, different other elements are taken into consideration.

When you optimize your website, your goal is to attract customers and that could be done by using some below tactics-:

  • Your site loading speed can be increased.
  • Images you use should be more life-like.
  • Content should be eye-catchy yet relevant.
  • SEO should be should aptly use so that buyers can easily locate your website.
  1. Connecting to Consumer through Communication -:

It is often misunderstood with social media marketing. But you need to understand that marketing doesn’t need to be static, in this 21st Century there are several ways to engage the buyers through different channels.

You can send them emails by mentioning their names or SMS two ways messaging, this way they feel more connected with the brand. Also, it invites user’s feedback, nurture brand trust and that will attract buyers to buy more.

  1. Leverage on user-generated content for generating your sales -:

Different product reviews, product photos, and experiences shared by customers are some of the incidents where user-generated content could be powerful in building trust with potential buyers.

You can easily generate UGC by hosting a photo or video contest. Running a contest also helps to build an email list and boost social media followers.

Patagonia (an American company) integrated this user-generated content on its social media platform by doing a campaign in which it asked the audience to use #Vidapatgonia and share their experience.

This way Patagonia was able to show the customers how its product can be used and how it is helpful as well.

  1. Use an loyalty program to make the customer buy the product again -:

You would have noticed that users are attracted to those products on which great deals are available. In this competitive time, it is very difficult to sell the products to new customers all the time. You can target the old users as well by providing different loyalty programs such as a discount coupon, free shipping, credit points, etc.

Try to make your buyers feel special and gradually you could add referral benefits that will bring you more customers.

  1. Social Media – The Heart of successful e-commerce marketing -:

Social media has become the new home for all in this pandemic. The easiest way to reach the desired audience is through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The right social media tactics can help to attract the right consumer to your online store.

Before implementing it remember these points -:

  • Know about the audience.
  • Research on the platform where you want to promote your brand.
  • Always be aware of your competition.

After this, you could evaluate the best posting time, the result of your campaigns, etc.

  1. SEO helps in expanding your market and boost sale -:

One of the important yet the easiest tactics to boost the sale is by optimizing the website and products for search engines. In simple words, you should understand what terms the audience uses to look for similar products to the ones you have.

Look for these pointers before putting SEO-:

  • Identify your keywords.
  • Usage of keywords appropriately
  • The product description should be eye-catchy and unique.
  • Reviews of customers should be added.

Also, make your website mobile-friendly for strong search engine rankings as Google give preferences to mobile friendly websites.

Newbies who don’t have social media followers or email list can run a sweepstake or a giveaway to increase brand awareness and create backlink on sweepstakes directories.

  1. Opting Newsletter Idea -:

The power of a newsletter should never be underestimated if you want to boost sales. You should add an email signup to your website to ask your customers to sign up for newsletter or mailing list.  Once you get their email ids, you can start sending them promotional emails, time-sensitive discount, and campaigns.

You can even use marketing automation to send automated emails like a discount, sale, product launch, shopping cart abandonment etc. Even if some are first time user, provide them with some promo code, this will help in attracting more buyers.

  1. Go for push Notification -:

It is one of the easiest ways to reach targeted users. For this, the customers neither need to share their email id, install your brand app nor logging in is required.

Customers just have to subscribe by allowing notifications. Once they opt-in, they will receive the push notification whenever they’re online. They just have to click on the push notification to view it. You can send push notifications for discounts, sale or new product announcements.

  1. Provide live chat -:

Customers feel more confident and connected if they get customer care support through live chat in the middle of an online purchase to clarify their doubts. Live chat by a live person lets you to have direct conversations with your customers which builds trust and loyalty. Live chat also save time of users as they don’t have to wait for your reply.

Implement the best e-commerce marketing strategies and accelerate your growth in the smoothest form as you must keep on changing your tactics to be in the competitive market and keep on bringing high-rate sales for the brand. Do not forget to regularly keep a track of customer experience if you are aiming to be ahead of your competition.

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