A Guide to the Success of Viral Marketing Campaigns

A Guide to the Success of Viral Marketing CampaignsIt does not make sense to produce a product and have it sitting in your stores, yet you meant it for sale. However, you can be the cause of why your service or product remains unsold despite your efforts to attract customers.

You could have the most revolutionary commodity, but unless people know it exists, your money, not to mention the time you spent actualizing the concept, will go down the drain.

Fortunately, it does not have to come to that, not when you can create a successful marketing campaign to reach every corner of the globe.

If you have no idea how to make your content goes viral, allow this guide to help you.

1. Make it easy to share

You will not be making your content a favor if you post a video or photo for which you have disabled the ability to share, download, or embed. With everyone on the internet, your content may appeal to a few individuals who will like it so much as to share it.

Sharing is the key to your content going viral since it enables as many people as possible to be reached. You can also include a call-to-action to encourage people to share it with their friends or with instructions on what they should do if they are interested in your product.

Alternatively, you can include a celebrity in your video to promote the content. For instance, you can have a renowned singer in your video to make it more entertaining and entice your audience to share it.

Still, to ensure that it takes off immediately, you can get upvotes, which are sure to attract people to share and promote your content.

2. Perfect timing

They say timing is everything; you can tell the right thing at the wrong time, and the message will fade away immediately.

Therefore, if you want your content to have a meaningful impact, make sure that the timing is right; otherwise, your campaign will lack significance. Take, for instance, the time when the presidential race is on; everyone is on their TV and other social media channels to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

It is during these times that many marketers invest heavily in their marketing campaigns to ensure the content gets a good outreach.

Similarly, note the time that people are mostly on the internet and post your content then.

Of course, the ideal timing will rely on the social media platform you are using and the habits of your target audience.

3. Make it visually appealing

As much as you have the best massage in your content, no one wants to read through a block of text to get what it is you are trying to sell. Images and videos attract people; therefore, get a relevant photo or video and incorporate your message.

Of course, if it fails to match with your brand and compromises it in any way, you will have created a campaign against your products instead.

Still, not every image and video is worth looking at twice, so you have to make them worthy of the widespread by making them captivating either by adding an element of surprise or humor to them.

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4. Incorporate some emotion

Guide to the Success of Viral Marketing Campaigns

If you cannot tap into people’s emotions, your campaign will be a colossal flop. It does not have to be a positive emotion, sometimes even negative emotions such as frustration and insecurity can work some magic into your campaign.

Therefore, as you plan the marketing campaign, ensure that the content tugs on your audience’s fears, dreams, or sense of humor. That way, your content will relate to the audience, which will increase its chances of becoming viral.

5. Know your target audience

Do not be all over the place when planning your campaign. Rather than creating content that is not specific to any one, identify the people you want the content to reach and their characteristics.

Ask yourself questions like what they want, what would appeal to them, and any others that will get to the root of knowing your target audience thoroughly. Your audience needs to connect with your content so much as to want to share it with their friends, whom they also feel can relate to it.

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6. Be innovative

A campaign that is similar to every other on the internet has no impact on the audience; after all, they have seen it before, so what is so special about it. A matter of fact is that campaign content that lacks originality may get bad publicity, leading to the failure of your product.

However, if you can have your content as innovative as possible, being so unique and original, then people will most likely want to share that unique perspective with others. Therefore, make sure that your content grabs positive attention for better chances of going viral.

7. Get the right social media platform

With the many social media platforms available, you can quickly think that all will be appropriate for launching your campaign.

However, they all work differently; for example, Instagram is perfect when you want to post an image with captivating captions, but LinkedIn is ideal when you want to create a thoughtful LinkedIn update. For this reason, create your content depending on the platform you find appropriate for the target audience and watch it go viral.

8. Simplicity wins

No one likes complicated, and therefore if the content seems like something the viewers have to spend time figuring out what it means, they will move on to what they can quickly grasp.

Let the message remain simple and straight to the point; ideally, you can have at most three marketing messages. Once the campaign is viral, only then should you give additional information.

Nothing comes easy, and developing a viral marketing campaign is no different. It can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially when several attempts bear no fruits.

The good news is you do not have to waste time any longer trying to have your content take off. With this guide, your marketing campaign is bound to receive millions of shares.

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