Streamlining Your Duties When Managing Multiple Ventures

Streamlining Your Duties When Managing Multiple VenturesBeing an entrepreneur can be exciting ad freeing in many ways – but it’s also a huge challenge. Your time and resources will only stretch so far, and juggling multiple plates without letting anything slip can sometimes seem impossible. In this article, we look at a few of the ways in which you can make your daily tasks easier to manage – so that you can focus on the ongoing success of each of your brands.


It can be difficult to provide an unbeatable experience for your clients when you’re snowed under with work. However, you – and those directly employed by your businesses – are best placed to provide customer service, as you are the most knowledgeable about how things work. A great way to ensure that you can always offer the very best service is to outsource certain practical aspects and keep the more personal elements in-house. For example, matters such as IT support and troubleshooting can be outsourced. If your customers are struggling with their account, for example, you can direct them to a specialist external team who can help. You could use the same external company to support multiple ventures. This will free up time for your team and yourself to focus on other matters.

Online Presence

Here is another area where outsourcing can help. Hiring web development specialists to manage the maintenance and updating of your website, or finding a leading digital marketing company to handle your SEO (search engine optimization) means a couple more things can be taken off your hands. However, elements like social media should ideally be managed in-house, in order to maintain a strong, unique voice and brand image. Fortunately, there are online tools you can utilize to schedule your companies’ posts in advance and keep track of social interactions at all times – not only across multiple platforms, but across multiple accounts, too – all on the same dashboard.


Things can get complicated if one or more of your businesses produces goods or items that require shipping – particularly if you handle the delivery in-house. Through use of a fleet management service, you can ensure that all of your vehicles can be easily maintained and managed, and your services streamlined, without any stress or fuss so you can focus on growing your business. A fleet management platform can help you reduce your business’s spending and improve the efficiency of your shipping approach – including the application of resources such as real-time tracking.


There are numerous talented accountancy businesses who can easily and transparently keep track of your fiscal activity without you having to worry about it in-house. If you do decide to handle matters such as tax without external support, there are numerous useful pieces of software that allow you to collate and manage all income and expenditure streams in real-time, in one place. Once the time comes to fill in your return, that information can be transferred directly to the relevant tax authority without fuss. These tools may even be able to tell you where your payments could be reduced.

Personnel Management

The handling of human resources issues is a huge part of running a business, let alone multiple ventures at the same time. There are plenty of specialist HR management solutions available that will enable you to outsource these duties. Their highly experienced teams will be able to provide the time, effort and resources that you may not be able to spare in order to keep your employees well cared-for.

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