5 Steps for Choosing a Boarding School for Your Child

5 Steps for Choosing a Boarding School for Your Child

Preparing for the new school year is one of the most exciting moments for students. Some might be excited to meet their friends again, meet new ones at school, explore new things, or probably excited to move into a new boarding school. While living alone is nerve-wracking for some, many would still love to enjoy the experience.

However, choosing a boarding school can be challenging, especially for parents, as it will require time and effort to look for the top ones that would fit their child. Thus, looking for ways to help you ease the process is essential. Some proper preparation and research will surely make the journey easier for you.

To help you get started, here are five steps you can follow when choosing a boarding school for your child.

1. Research for Boarding Schools

The first step to finding a boarding school for your child is to do proper research. Also included in this step is deciding the standards and characteristics you want the school to have. Doing this will help you easily look for schools that match those included on the list. A quick list of factors you can consider when finding a boarding school includes the following:

  • Reputation
  • Academic and specialty programs
  • Class size
  • Cost
  • Reviews
  • Quality and Rankings

Of course, you can freely add up depending on your and your child’s preferences. You can check the school’s website, as most have video tours or review sections you can explore and look up to gain more information about them. Moreover, it is also an advantage to consider your location when choosing a boarding school.

In the United States, more than 50 boarding schools exist in Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee, etc. Meanwhile, many schools in Australia, including the boarding school in WA, offer flexible boarding options, various facilities, and benefits to help students easily decide what suits their preferences more.

2. Narrow Your List

Once you are done searching for boarding schools, it is now time to sit with your child and talk about the schools on the list. This can be time-consuming, but it will help you understand your child’s needs and preferences. After all, it will be them who will stay in the boarding school. Thus securing their comfort and safety will matter most during the process.

Asking them specific questions like the size of the school, their interest, etc., will help you cut down some from the list and focus more on those that best fit your child. The goal is to include only 3-5 schools on your shortlist, as this would help you save time and energy when you have to call them, which we will discuss in the next step.

3. Call Schools

Now that you have a clearer vision of what boarding school to choose, you can call the school through its admissions and ask basic questions you are curious about. Calling the school will allow you to experience their service and what they can provide for your child.

You can ask about the tuition, admission process, facilities, educational programs, and the boarding options they offer. Similar to the goal in the second step, calling them will help narrow down your list further.

4. Set an Appointment and Visit Your Shortlist

One effective way to finally choose a boarding school is by visiting them with your child. You can prepare a visit by setting an appointment with the school through call or email, depending on what works better. Once the date and time are set, you can then visit your top choices.

Although visiting the schools can take time, it can still be an advantage for you to see how they do their actual work and allows you to assess if the people and the place are a good fit for your child. Asking lots of questions about your child’s specific needs and requirements helps you somehow oversee how qualified the school is for shelter and learning.

After visiting the schools on your shortlist, keeping track of your data will be helpful to you to compare them and choose the best one.

5. Apply

Once you are done reviewing everything on your list, what’s left for you to do is choose a boarding school and apply for admission. You don’t have to worry much about this, as most schools now provide online applications for the student, simplifying the process for everyone. After that, you can do follow-ups or wait for a call or email confirmation, and your child is good to go.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right boarding school for your child is undoubtedly a challenging thing to do. Although the process is overwhelming, finding a boarding school that would satisfy you and your child will be worth it. The right school will give your child various opportunities for growth and future success. Moreover, they will also develop independence that they will need to explore the world further.

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