5 Tips To Stay Productive When Working From Home

5 Tips To Stay Productive When Working From HomeWorking as a freelancer is a dream come true for a lot of people.

What some of them don’t realize is that it’s pretty easy to get distracted by something irrelevant while working at home.

The kitchen is near, our living room and Netflix account are near us too. Friends, neighbors and family members are all having their days. Laundry, dishes, and meals, everything can capture our attention and drag us away from work. It doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes it’s hard to stay focused.

Besides focus and concentration, sometimes without coworkers and bosses or someone to guide us into doing our job, it’s hard to stay productive. We might do the work, but not achieve the maximum of it.

What is productivity?

How do you define productivity? When do you feel satisfied with your work and can proudly say that you have been productive? One might define this term otherwise than you do. In general, productivity is an effort, skills, and determination of achievement combined. And people feel satisfied and productive when they achieve their set goals or even exceed them.

Do you ever feel motivated to do all the work and find yourself stranded in a pile of tasks and stress? That’s the side effect of working from home. Thanks to modern technologies, project management tools and a little determination, you can fix this problem and become a productive freelancer.

Here are some tips to stay productive when working from home:

Organize your workday and place

Though offices seem dull and cage-like for some people, it’s wise to create a small office at your home. Working on the couch, from bed or beside the pool sounds amazing, but it would be more productive to work at the same place every day.

You need to create a place that reminds you of work. Your workplace should be clean of distractions, away from all the noise and outside factors. It should be bright, besides the window and equipped with everything essential, so you don’t have to walk around the house for random stuff.

Once your home office is ready, set specific time for your workday. Even though the main idea of escaping the regular office is to stop working 9 to 5, this method has its’ own benefits. Take a sector of time and set it as an everyday tradition. Start and end your work on exactly the same time every day.

Equip your home office with technologies and other essentials

Natural light, comfortable chair, and essential office tools are important, but you need to equip your workplace with modern technologies too. Look up the best printers for home office setups, choose the suitable notebook for you, find a comfortable (wired or Bluetooth) mouse and keyboard.

To simulate the natural light, invest in a high-quality night lamp. Maybe try buying yourself glasses for the computer to ease the pressure on your eyes.

Log out from social media and other distracting platforms

It’s a golden rule for every worker. And if you are not a social media manager or someone who needs to communicate with the community, try logging off the social media apps and websites for at least 2 hours.

Social media platforms are the most distracting objects of the 21st century. People spend on average 7 hours a day on Facebook and Instagram. You need to minimize the distractions in your surrounding area. Put your phone aside for a few hours.

Take a break from working

Breaks are amazing. They are like small recharging periods in our work life. You don’t need to override your brain and abilities, but sometimes we need to take some breaks and relax a little.

Remember that your workplace is not a break station. Go to the living room, watch some TV, look at something mindless and let your brain take a break too. Maybe try cooking or walking a dog. A lot of people reported that knitting has helped them relax and take their minds off the troubling tasks.

Dress like you are still going to the office

Actually, you are still going to the office. It’s just a bit closer and at your house. Have you ever heard the phrase about dressing yourself as a professional would do to feel yourself like a professional? That technique actually works wonders.

While some offices require smart casual look or very formal dress code, you can choose your option and dress properly for every workday.

Being productive is rewarding. You will show yourself how amazing it is to exceed your expectations and deliver high-quality work to your clients. By combining these essential steps, you can achieve your maximum productivity levels and leave your home office satisfied.

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