How to Stay Fit While in College

How to Stay Fit While in CollegeYou may not realize it yet, but college is not just a place where you go to get knowledge and meet new people. For many students, it is also the period of their life that takes a serious toll on their health, leading to consequences they have to deal with for years to come.

With its irregular hours, hectic timetable, overwhelming responsibilities and sudden independence from the family, college sets you up for all kinds of problems, from the “Freshman’s 15” to poor sleep habits and depression.

However, it is possible to stay fit – if you approach the matter strategically. Here you will find some ways to do it.

Stock up on Healthy Foods

If you have access to a fridge, stock it up with healthy products (eggs, frozen vegetables, whole grain bread, plain yogurt) you can always use to make a quick, nutritious and tasty meal.

If you maintain a stable assortment of products and restock them at regular intervals, you will never have to eat out, thus saving your money and protecting yourself from temptations of fatty and high-carb foods.

Stock up on trail mix or nuts in bulk and sort them into small packages that you will always have on hand. This way, you will always be able to snack when you are hungry and less likely to make it to the vending machines with their chips and chocolate bars.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep may seem like a small thing, but it adds up and leads to all kinds of other health problems.

How are you supposed to get enough sleep if you have so much on your plate already?

Well, if you can’t find enough time to do all your work, you are doing something wrong, for college doesn’t make it its goal to bury you under the mountain of assignments.

Get better at organizing yourself or, in a pinch, contact a trustworthy writing service like to take some of the load off your shoulders. You can certainly find enough time to say, “Write my essay for me.”

Use Cheap Campus Fitness Deals

Most colleges include access to some fitness center into your tuition fees. Alternatively, you can sign up for paid fitness classes that allow for a more personalized and organized approach.

Make use of them while they last: you won’t get such great deals once out of college, and right now you need extra movement the most.

Walk Everywhere

You may believe that the time you save by using shuttle service is crucial for you to complete all your assignments before the deadline, but let’s be honest – you spend much more time surfing the Internet or hanging out with friends.

And every minute you walk somewhere is the free exercise you can take without even trying. So make it your rule to go everywhere unless you are in a real hurry.

Learn the Skills of Small-Space Workout

Many people believe that you need a lot of space to do a proper workout. It is a myth mostly propagated by those who want to justify their laziness. In real life, there are plenty of workouts that you can do having no more than a couple of square feet of space.

So the next time you are too lazy or too busy to take a walk to the gym, do such a workout without leaving your dorm.

And how do you keep healthy and fit in college? Does this list miss anything crucial? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

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