Sought After Finance Jobs In 2021

Sought After Finance Jobs In 2021It’s been called boring and unimaginative but one thing it’s not short on is a decent salary! Jobs in finance might not offer you the type of fulfilment that something in the arts might, nor might a job in finance give a creative outlet, but if it’s money you’re after, then finance is where you belong, and let us not forget, money lets you do life.

Key to this racket would be strong mathematical skills, a love for the physical sciences like chemistry, or the possession good analytical skills. The finance sector is quite eclectic and entails everything from banking to investments to fintech (financial technology) to more recent additions like online trading.  If you’re looking for a career change or looking to start a new career and one that’s sure to pay dividends, then a career in finance might just be what you’re looking for.

Retail & Commercial Banking

To this day retail banking remains the foundation of the financial industry. It’s also ideal in terms of entry-level banking employment and thanks to constant courses and upskilling, can lead to a great future.  Retail and commercial banks offer personal and business loans, mortgages, debit and credit cards, and deposit accounts – all of which drive the modern and commercial economy.

Foreign currency exchange and money transfers are also part of their services. In more recent years retail banking has started catering more specifically to the needs of the individual by offering tailor-made financial solutions. The most sought after positions, or highest paying jobs in retail banking usually belong to the chief financial officer (CFO) and the chief risk officer (CRO).


The common misconception about insurance is that it essentially involves the vocation of being an insurance salesman – probably one of the hardest jobs in the world – and yes, that can serve as an entry point.   Insurance companies account for a significant component of the financial sector, essentially offering individuals or corporations various solutions to risk management.

Insurance firms and investment bankers often collaborate to assess and underwrite policies associated with risk while reinsurers provide insurance to other insurance companies – think of them as the insurers of the insurers – a process done to safeguard insurance companies from mega losses. In this type of industry the highest paying jobs belong to actuaries  – those who actually assess the risk and apply statistics and mathematics to create sound policy solutions.

Investment Banking

If ever there was a segment of the financial sector to get into, it would be investment banking, and not just because there’s incredible profit to be had, but also because you could end up leading more than just a life of comfort.  Investment bankers often look into and read up on Forex and trading as it forms part of the industry.

Many who now work in this industry started off by dabbling in online trading – sometimes a hobby becomes a passion and that passion leads to surprising outcomes. Whereby retail and commercial banking caters mainly to members of the public, investment banking caters to corporations and governments handling everything from financing by way of debt capital markets and equity capital markets to stocks and bonds.

Investment bankers also deal with mergers and acquisitions (M&A deals), the most profitable part of the industry. Those who land new deals in this sector earn the most money.

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