Social Media Marketing Automation: 5 Tips You Should Know

It can be a blessing or a curse for many social media marketers out there.

While social media marketing automation is really important and can help you with everyday tasks, you need to find out how to use it most efficiently first.

What should you take into consideration before you enter the social media marketing automation world?

There are a few tips and practices you can follow to deliver the best results.

Don’t be afraid of using social media marketing automation

Some marketers seem to be a bit hesitant when it comes to using social media automation software – so doubtful that they don’t even want to give it a go. It is a mistake that, at first glance, is not doing any harm.

However, marketers who take advantage of it may notice that their work becomes a breeze. There are some harmful opinions about social media scheduling tools – that they are not needed or that using them decreases organic reach.

An expert from NapoleonCat explains that as a marketer, you shouldn’t even believe in it since this kind of feedback can stop you from trying tools that could help you with your everyday challenges.

It can save you a lot of money, but not only

Social media marketing automation tools, very often, cost money.

However, you need to regard it as an investment, not an expense. Using the right set of social media scheduling tools can improve internal communication in your company and relations with your clients.

It also makes your work quicker and more effective.

You can automate some of the tedious tasks that you have to accomplish every day, and therefore have more time to focus on the business core in your organization.

Test out a few ways

Have you decided on using a social media post scheduler?

Wonderful! Don’t fall for the first option you encounter, though. You need to take into account a few tools that offer a trial period and give all of them a try.

It is the only way to find out which tool works best for you and which one does not meet all of your needs but also ticks all the boxes for your team.

Remember about onboarding

If you think that it is enough to just buy a social media marketing automation suite, you are fairly wrong. Without proper onboarding, your team can get lost in all of the features of each and every social media post scheduler.

Get in touch with the customer service team of a tool you are going to use and ask them to conduct a personalized demo or tutorial for your team.

If you know the tool well yourself, it can be you who shows all of the important features to your team.

While you should encourage your team to play around with the tool themselves, they should be led in the right direction and had their attention drawn to the features they may need the most.

Find the golden mean between personalization and automation

Once you find out how great it is to automate social media, you can get addicted and want to automate every single process connected with the world of social media.

However, you need to find the golden mean between social media automation and personalization of your communication.

While many time-consuming tasks, such as scheduling your posts or answering your clients, can be automated or half-automated, you can’t automate building some authentic relations between you and your clients.

Treat social media automation software as a support for your strategy, not its replacement.

To wrap-up

Is social media automation a lifesaver?

Yes and no.

Yes – because it helps you get rid of some of those tasks that you had to do manually, instead of doing what matters on social media.

No – because it is only a support, but such a precious one! Don’t be afraid of testing out new tools, solutions, and ideas.

Social media gives you a huge potential to be creative, so make the most of it! Automate some of your social media tasks and spend more time on community management and getting to know your target group better.

You’ll soon notice that it pays off well.

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