Simple Home Decors That Will Make A Huge Difference

Have you ever walked into your home and suddenly, you are sick of the same old boring atmosphere?

Maybe it is time for a change. The great news is, there are plenty of simple ways to spruce up your surroundings without depleting your savings. Instead of remodeling and refinishing a whole space, there are plenty of small but effective changes to be made that can really improve your homes aesthetic.

Let’s explore a few! Revamp like a Champ.

Pops of Color

It is amazing what a splash of contrast color can do to your space. Whether you choose to incorporate a frosty blue or fiery red wall to an otherwise neutral space, it can really deliver a fresh perspective.

Don’t be afraid to break up the monotony of your plain decor and add a bold shade to give it some flare.

Make a Statement

Do you have a relatively bare wall with not much happening?

You can make a statement wall by putting up some abstract or modern art pieces, obscure antiques or other hangable items to zest it up. What about a plain-Jane kitchen without a lot of pizza?

Add a statement rug or table cloth to bust it up with texture and eye-catching colors.

Simple Home Decors

Reduce Blank Space

Do you have a lovely fireplace, but you no longer use it?

What about a built-in shelf without many purposes?

How about a rather dull walkway that just seems empty?

Add some books! Your hallway would be lovely with a small accent table holding an interesting stack of old books or a coffee table with a miniature library underneath. You can add books, magazines or other reading materials to fill up a void with some literary charm.

Wow your Windows

Do you have drab, dusty curtains in your main space that haven’t ever been touched?

What about a bathroom window that you cover?

Why not add some sensible or showy shades to the mix, depending on your style?

You can even buy full height shutters to add dimension and appeal. These can be added in many styles to fit the specific feel of your room. They can also work fantastically for letting in the perfect amount of light for your liking.

Stride in Style

Floors can be easily overlooked and not given enough attention. If you have a plain wooden floor or a solid, uncarpeted area, why not grab a gallon of paint?

You can paint it one pleasing color or you can even stencil if you are feeling extra creative! Stenciling can be used to create the look of mosaic, stone, tile or other materials without the added expense of refinishing the floor itself.

The possibilities are endless!

Straighten Things Up

Sometimes, less is more. You can really take a minimalist approach to reduce clutter in your living space.

Not only can minimalism be stylish, but it can also aid in some much-needed organization that you may have been putting off! (Don’t worry, we’re all guilty!)

So, tidy up!

Open a search tab. Get inspiration! You can simplify it by making a slight change here and there. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, explore different options until one idea just sticks

You can create a totally new visual that you can be proud of while having fun in the process!

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