Search Engines That Provide Pro-Privacy to Users

Search Engines That Provide Pro-Privacy to UsersProminent search engines tend to collect impressive quantities of data on their users. They do this to give them better results. But this also means that those companies will be collecting information about your habits and activities online.

Furthermore, if we talk about stats, Google is the most used search engine worldwide. According to Oberlo, it has obtained approximately 92% of the search engine market as of July 2019. It shows the dominance of Google in the search engine sectors, but the concern remains the same: it’s not entirely safe.

Now, you must be thinking about what to do? How to get some privacy?

Well, no need to worry. This article has listed the best software with pro-privacy search engines that you can choose instead of Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

But Why Do You Need Pro-Privacy Search Engines?

Before jumping to the list, let’s first clarify why using a secure search engine or browser is essential.

There are two main reasons why you need to go for pro-privacy search engines.

The first reason is simple; the internet is not safe at all. Additionally, whenever you connect with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), it can record every detail about you and your activities. Due to this lack of privacy, people realize the frightening extent of what ISPs can collect.

The issue with Google Search is that all your activities within the browser can be linked to your Google account. Additionally, every search you make determines what ads you see online. For instance, if you look for nearby restaurants, you might be bombarded by similar offers everywhere else on the web. There are also other concerns, like data leaks or hidden web tracking pages.

However, there is no need to settle with a search engine that has had a difficult and rather controversial past. Alternatives exist, and many of them are more than capable of serving you with quality services.

Best Pro-Privacy Search Engines & Browser

There are many search engines that attempt to get users’ attention. Here we present the ones that will serve you the best. It is not enough to get a privacy-first search engine or browser. If you want to protect your online activities even further, you need a Virtual Private Network app. It offers many benefits, like masking IP and encrypting your entire internet traffic. It means that information about your activities becomes unavailable even to your ISP.


The best search engine for no tracking search.
DuckDuckGo, without a doubt, is one of the most well-known private search engines on the list. It’s an excellent engine to use if you’re worried about your searches being tracked. It has an effortless and user-friendly design. There are no advertisements on this search engine.

DuckDuckGo’s browser plugin will encrypt the engine and keep your online activity private. Its most intriguing feature is known as Bangs. You can also instantly search for a specific term on another website using only a prefix on DuckDuckGo.


  • No ads, no gimmicks, and a simple interface.
  • User information is not tracked or shared.
  • A software search feature that gives you alternatives of applications.


For the best anonymous searches.

Startpage is a search engine that prioritizes privacy and aims to deliver comparable results to Google without tracking, third-party cookies, or targeted advertising.

You can use StartPage to browse the internet more anonymously. It has a straightforward design that you can customize to your liking. You can also change between various colors and patterns of UI within seconds.


  • Provides anonymous search and retrieves results from Google.
  • It integrates with all major browsers and has a plugin for iOS.
  • Proxy services let you access content that is usually blocked.


Get top-notch privacy prioritized search.

Qwant is a complete privacy-centric search engine that takes pleasure in not recording users’ searches or selling their personal information to advertisers. The search engine has a simple, user-friendly design.

The engine sorts your results into three essential categories: news, social media, and the web. It also employs artificial intelligence to offer a music section dedicated entirely to assisting music fans in finding new recordings and lyrics.


  • Provides option for impenetrable search.
  • Has a dedicated section for music and youngsters.
  • Automatically categorizing search results.
  • User interface that is quite simple and easy to use.


The uncensored search engine.

MetaGer gives you access to anything you want without requiring you to go through a lengthy sign-up process. They are a not-for-profit organization, so they don’t stand to profit from giving away your personal information.

It provides unedited and unbiased search results because it disregards click-through rates. MetaGer also allows you to discover places and create travel itineraries without revealing your current location.


  • Unbiased and uncensored search engine.
  • Its browser extension is also available.
  • Open-source.

IDX Privacy

Keep you protected at all costs.

The IDX Privacy database is a one-stop-shop for monitoring and enhancing your online privacy. It searches the dark web for sensitive data about you, sends alerts via email and notification within the program and provides a list of tips on how to stay safe. Once you’ve gone through its initial findings, it continues scanning in the background if a new breach occurs.


  • Easy access to encrypted browsing on its browser extension.
  • Blocks third-party trackers.
  • It blends in with all browsers and has a plugin for iOS devices.


The internet is full of trouble; cybercriminals are always trying to see what you’re doing, where you’re browsing from, and even who you are. However, using a safe and anonymous search engine reduces the risk of you being hacked while providing top-notch privacy.

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