Pros and Cons to Learning to Speak English Online

Pros and Cons to Learning to Speak English OnlineNo matter where in the world you’re located, you may have considered signing up for an online English language course at some point. If you have a need to learn English for work, you want to minimize any misunderstandings or language barriers, as well as maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Adopting English as your second language might be challenging, but it’s also rewarding. In fact, it’s the most popular second language to learn. And while the basics are relatively easy to grasp, if you really want to advance, you’ll need a good understanding of the language; both written and spoken comprehension.

Of course, learning any language can be both expensive and time-consuming. It can also be difficult to know where you should start. Taking English lessons online, however, can be a great way of reducing the expense and ensuring you can fit your lessons into your personal and professional schedule.

With so many tutorials on free video platforms like YouTube, as well as in chat rooms and forums, there are so many options available. Of course, if you really want to learn and make the best use of your time, learning with a reputable online teacher or institution offering flexible courses is the way to go.


  • No commute. Once you’ve had a long day at work, the idea of going home and then going out again to be sitting all evening in a classroom can be overwhelming. When learning online, your classroom can be wherever and whenever you want it to be.
  • Time-effective. Similar to the above, but rather than focusing on the overwhelm, here we’re looking at the time it takes to travel to and from your learning venue. All you need is an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device, and you’re all set. The only time needed is that it takes to turn on your device and log in to your learning platform.
  • Cost-effective. You also don’t need to spend any money on gas or public transportation costs. You might even be able to avoid spending on learning materials.
  • Multiple options. It’s up to you which platform you choose to learn with. No geographical limits exist when it comes to who you learn from. They can be a native English speaker in their own country or someone from your own country who speaks fluent English, or they can be located elsewhere. You don’t need to choose just one teacher either. You can choose multiple teachers for different topics.
  • No extensive note-taking needed. Many teachers record their lessons and provide you with access afterward, enabling you to consume them over and over until you’re satisfied you’ve got all you need without having to take extensive notes during the lesson. So you can focus all of your attention on just sitting there and taking in the content.
  • You can sit down and take your next lesson whenever you want, which means you can fit it around your job and other commitments. You can also reschedule your own learning times should something come up, with minimal inconvenience to you.
  • Free study materials. You can easily access and download texts, audios, videos, presentations, and workbooks online. You can also access the Internet using your home connection, with no further cost to you. This means you’re free to take advantage of the wealth of further information out there to read, listen to, and watch at will. Your tutor can advise you on which available information would be the most helpful to access. And, of course, you can access it immediately.


  • Technical problems. When using a computer, there’s always the potential of problems cropping up with your computer or mobile device, webcam, microphone, or Internet connection.
  • Computer fatigue. You may already spend a lot of time on a computer at work. You might be the effect of health-related issues such as backache, sore eyes, or headaches. So spending more time on a screen after work could be problematic.
  • Disembodied voices. It can be difficult to learn when you’re only hearing a voice without seeing the actual person speaking. Specifically, it can be a challenge to take in the information this way, as you can’t see your tutor’s facial expressions and hand gestures etc.
  • Software limitations. Certain exercises could be expensive and/or difficult if specific software is needed.
  • Fewer quality courses. While there are many to choose from, the number of good English speaking lessons online is relatively low when compared to the available courses taught by reputable offline institutions.

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