PMP Certification Exam: What is PMP? How does PMP Practice Exam Help

Is opting for a PMP Practice Exam worth your time?

Do you know why the entire world is running after PMP credentials?
According to surveys conducted in the US, people without a PMP certification earned $99.1K. However, people with a PMP certificate earned as high as $119.3K!

What is PMP?

It is a Project Management Professional certificate meant for aspiring project managers. The PMP exam evaluates candidates on 5 factors:

  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring and controlling
  • Project closing

This certification has become a necessity for project managers because of its wide popularity. Managers and recruiters consider this certification when hiring project managers.

People with PMP certification get more opportunities to grow and better job security than those without this certificate. This is why PMP is considered the fastest-growing certification course today.

The more popular the course, the more the competition, and the more challenging it is to get higher marks in PMP exams. If you plan on simply learning through guides and books, you are in for a huge surprise!

Guides and learning theories through books are only a small part of the PMP exam preparation process. To ensure high results, you must go hard with the preparations.

Tips To pass the PMI exam.

  1. Prepare from the PMBOK (Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide. There you will find all the management theories, and it is the perfect roadmap for your PMI preparation studies. It contains plenty of situational questions and all the information you need to answer these questions.
  2. Attending workshops and preparing from PMI prep books is always an excellent way to do your exam preparation.
  3. Being a part of group study sessions always helps you gain extra knowledge from your peers. You can join online discussion forums to engage in debates with other people.
  4. Case studies are also very beneficial for the preparation. If you prepare with the help of real-life case studies, you will get to know how to solve problems and cover the entire syllabus of PMP exams.
  5. Apply for online training for PEP certification. These online training programs prove to be very helpful in giving you comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the subject.
  6. Another useful way of preparing for PMP exams is through PMP exam simulators. These simulators provide the same environment as an actual PMP exam and follow the same rules and criteria. They are a great help and give you an idea of what to expect in the actual examination.

How to mock test/simulators help in preparing for the exam

PMP exam simulators are very useful and help to strengthen your preparation. If you do not see the point of taking the help of PMP exam simulators, here are the reasons that will make you understand their importance.

1. You can get a very good idea of how the actual exam will be

PMP exam simulators are a replication of the actual exam. If you practice with the help of these online simulators, you will get a better idea of what to expect in the exam and prepare yourself accordingly.

2. Practice how to answer 200 questions in 4 hours

PMP exams contain 200 multiple choice questions, which you need to answer within 4 hours. If you do not give a mock exam, you will get a huge shocker in the exam hall and probably will not be able to finish your exam on time.

Mock exams help you practice how to give an exam within the set time frame. They improve your time management skills, and you will not only finish your exam well before the finish time but also have ample time to cross-check your answers.

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3. These exams help you understand your strengths and weaknesses

You have studied all the books and theories for PMP. However, unless you apply them in real-life situations, you will not be able to know which concepts you understood and which ones you didn’t.

If you give mock exams, you will get to know which concepts you can apply and which ones need revision.

4. You will get accustomed to the exam atmosphere

Some people are great during fieldwork but get nervous during the exam and cannot perform well. If you practice with the help of a mock test simulator, you will get accustomed to the examination atmosphere and will not get nervous during the actual exam.

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5. You can take PMP mock tests whenever you want and wherever you are

PMP exam simulators are online tests you can take anytime and anywhere you reside. You only need a laptop and an internet connection and are ready to appear for a mock test. This makes it a very flexible test preparation method, and you do not need to set a specific time for it.

If you are an aspiring project manager and want to take the PMP exam, the exam simulators are the perfect way to increase your chances of cracking the PMP exam and getting a higher score.

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