Online Learning Pros and Cons: Present-Day Facts of Life

Online Learning Pros and Cons: Present-Day Facts of LifeThe problem of online learning pros and cons has never been so much grave and pressing as it is now. What is the main feature of distance education? It implies that students attend school and study from home or work. Thus, education is deprived of personal contact with classmates and instructors. The pace of getting knowledge no longer depends on the teachers; every student decides how fast he or she can master a new topic.

Distance education is definitely impossible without Internet resources. There is no need for physical visits to school as all the classes are conducted online and the completed tasks are also submitted on the websites of the schools. Even before COVID-19 pandemic, there has been continuous progress in the popularity of distance learning. Currently, the figures that demonstrate the scope of distance education show exponential growth. The schools are getting closed and more and more students learn online. The increasing number of schools is preparing plans for online education and that sets new requirements for both students and teachers. There are new learning technologies introduced every day and traditional schooling gets to the background of the educational system which is experiencing a serious shift.

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It is understandable that the population of online studies stands to a good reason as there are a lot of benefits related to it. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of online education?

First of all, let us have a look at five key advantages of online studies.

Study from Home or Any Place You Like

If that is convenient, you can study without any need to leave your room. Anywhere in the world, from the office or a hotel room, you can get access to new knowledge. The only thing you need to learn is a PC or a tablet with access to the Internet. For a disabled student, no need to go to school is a great advantage. For those who live in distant areas, it is much easier to switch on their device than to get to a remote city. For a lonely mother with young children, online study is an invaluable chance.

In the case of online studies, there is no restriction in location. Education providers also make use of this advantage. Knowledgeable teachers with lots of enthusiasm start their online business and conduct classes that the parents highly value. They provide their students with the knowledge they require without any fees for the educational establishments or schools.

Learning Gets Flexible

Distance studies add to the students’ flexibility. There is a fixed time for lectures, and the remaining time can be used by the students according to their needs. It is possible to keep studying and do something else at once. Those students with part-time jobs really welcome this chance. At school, the students have no time at all for earning money as they have to be present there till evening. By studying online, one can both get an education and work.

Time is saved

Distance learning is a great tool of saving not only the time but also the energy of the students. There is no need in commuting, which is terribly time-consuming. Moreover, there is no stress of trying to be on time for every class. Life without anxiety gets more colorful. Choosing their own pace of studying, the students get much more flexible. They decide which time they will devote to doing their assignments and how they will organize their schedule. Students develop their time management skills and learn how to make the most out of the day with distance education.

Appreciation of the employers

Employers have accepted the idea of distance education, which is a sign of encouraging its further development. With accreditation given to a program of distance learning, there can be no doubt in the value of this education. For instance, in India, the Distance Education Council (DEC) is the body that certifies every program of distance education. So, the approval granted by DEC means that the Central Government recognizes this type of education for the purpose of getting jobs. A degree obtained from a distance school is accepted by an employer from the private sector. They even give encouragement for their employees to develop better skills in their area and get higher education simultaneously with performing their functions at work.

Saving Costs

Undertaking a course at the university has a significantly lower cost than taking an online course with the same content. It implies spending nothing on renting a place to live, commuting, or getting meals outside. Thus, both parents and their children, who are the students, find distance studies both convenient and economically viable. It is a great chance both to study and save time and money.

It is high time to have a look at the five key disadvantages of online studies.

Little feedback and insufficient individual attention

Opponents of distance studies believe that there is no advantage, which can compensate for no interaction among the students and their teachers. They point out at potential isolation caused by online classes. Still, a lot of professionals set a goal of getting online degrees. Thus, they study from their workplaces along with their fellow employees. Also, there is a valuable option of blended courses that offer a combination of classroom studies with distance learning so that students can get the benefits of both forms.

Not Easy to Find an Effective Program

The variety of educational programs is overwhelming at present. So, the learners cannot just take the only available option of a program. Instead, they need to make a choice among the available resources and variants. It is a great challenge to understand which of the programs is more beneficial for them than the other ones, which also look appealing. Not only the students but also their parents cannot easily determine the most favorable course online with solid guarantees and confirmed benefits.

Students often fall behind in their studies

Self-discipline is difficult to develop. Remote studies demand much more concentration than in-person learning in a traditional classroom. Without a conventional setting, learners without strong inner motivation to develop can find it tough to focus on their studies and care about performance rates. Thus, they require good study habits and ability to maintain a schedule and corresponding routine.

No Socializing in College

Online learning pros and cons always include the absence of special social atmosphere on campus. The confidence can get boosted with successful social interactions and developing important social skills. Unfortunately, interactions with peers are limited with distance education.

More Technical Requirements

Online learning requires perfect skills of using software, which ought to be navigated properly and purchased for the use. These are the technical obstacles of using the option of online studies for those who are not tech-savvy. So, if you are oriented towards success, you will find the necessary means to master the computer skills. Also, IT departments in lots of schools publish troubleshooting guides and offer assistance to the students who cannot use portals of online learning.

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